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Summary: The climate of the breast augmentation world seems to be leaning towards smaller, more natural looking enhancements these days, but women who want to rock gigantic implants are still out there and they have a mantra: go big or go home!

Large Breasts Are Back

In every facet of the cosmetic surgery world today there is a push for things to be more natural. Non-surgical techniques are flourishing in popularity, and many procedures, including breast augmentation, are seeing a shift towards patients wanting more subtle enhancements. This is not the case in every situation, however, and there is a fair share of plastic surgery purists out there still requesting large “fake looking” implants and, if you ask us, there is nothing wrong with this. If you are looking for an augmentation that will put you in the running with Vegas show girls and porn stars alike, don’t let the current trends shy you away. Live life out loud!

Your Implants, Your Experience

The size of your implant is just one aspect of your augmentation. You will also have to consider things like placement and material. Below are a few things you will want to note when undergoing a breast augmentation of any kind:

Size: Size is important, and in the implant world it is measured by CC’s. CC’s indicate the amount of either silicone or saline (see below) that fills the implant. 800 cc’s is typically the starting point for implants that are considered large. Most women who are looking for a less natural look request 1000 CC’s or higher, but all of these numbers are subject to change depending on your height/weight/stats.

Solution: Saline vs. Silicone. There is a big debate about which is better, and often time’s saline wins out. It seems to feel more natural, and it is also a natural material so if it ruptures it will not harm your body. This in mind, however, if “natural” feeling isn’t something you are concerned with, you may still find that you are interested in silicone. These implants can often times be larger, and create a rounder, fuller look.

Placement: There are a few different places your implant can be inserted. Beneath the muscle and over the muscle are the most common. Below the muscle reduces your risk of rupture and allows for a smoother look. When implants were almost always silicone however, over the muscle was very common. Your surgeon will help you determine which choice is best for you.

Where You Live and How You Look

Depending on the area of the United States, the requests for larger breast implants differ. The west coast is known mainly for having the largest amount of requests for ample sized implants. Las Vegas and Hollywood are 2 major locations for the mantra of “the faker the better.” If you live in these areas you know that it is a cut throat environment and there is a lot of pressure to keep up with the other girls and increase your bust line. If you live somewhere less competitive but desire larger breasts, you will easily be able to find a surgeon in your area who will give you what you want. Never feel like just because large implants are often times seen as a “big city thing” that you won’t be able to achieve the same look no matter where you reside. If you want extremely large breasts, you can achieve the look with a cosmetic surgeons help today, no matter what anyone else says!

To learn more about your breast implant options we suggest consulting with the surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD.

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