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Summary: There are many patients out there who might need a breast lift with breast reduction. But do you always need to combine these two procedures? To a certain extent, that’s going to depend on what you want to accomplish and what your body looks like now. There are certainly benefits to getting a breast lift with breast reduction and vice versa.

Should You Always Get a Breast Reduction and Lift Combo?

Getting a breast lift with a breast reduction is a popular pair of procedures. The results tend to be quite complementary, and the procedures themselves often treat related issues. However, not every breast lift requires a breast reduction. And not every reduction requires a lift.

So, you probably won’t always need a combination of the two procedures. The topic comes up because, recently, Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan was discussing her own breast reduction surgery. Now, Hagan is terrified of having two “saggy sacks of skin” after her reduction.

But Hagan’s situation is a little different. Hagan is having a breast reduction after several augmentation surgeries. In other words, Hagan is more interested in a breast implant revision surgery than she is a breast reduction surgery. The two procedures are somewhat related, especially in terms of results, but there are stark differences in the ways that they are carried out.

How does that reflect what happens with most breast reduction patients? Well, they have one sure thing in common: these patients are looking to downsize the volume of their breast tissue. And they both might require a breast lift to get optimal results.

When You Need a Breast Lift With Your Breast Reduction

Though they have similar techniques and treat the same area of the body it’s important to note that a breast lift and a breast reduction are two entirely different procedures. A lift is designed to change the orientation of the breasts while a reduction is used to eliminate excess skin and volume. A good rule of thumb is this: if you want to change bra sizes, a reduction is necessary. In many cases, a breast lift will not change your actual bra size (though it might change your perceived bra size).

According to the website of Dr. Tenley Lawton, MD, a Newport Beach breast reduction expert, there are many benefits to each procedure. A breast lift can improve feelings of confidence and self-esteem, making the bust look more youthful and energetic. A breast reduction can also make you look more youthful—as well as mitigating chronic neck and back pain caused by muscle strain.

Benefits of Combining a Breast Lift with a Breast Reduction

And while a breast lift does not always necessitate a breast reduction (and vice versa), these procedures are quite commonly performed together. Some of the reasons that you might choose to get a breast lift with your breast reduction include the following:

  • Drooping breasts and excess tissue around the breasts often have similar causes (age combined with gravity), so it’s not uncommon for patients to develop both at around the same rate
  • Breast lifts and breast reductions often involve similar incision techniques; when a patient gets both at once, incision lines and scarring are both minimized
  • The same is true of recovery time: Patients find efficiency in “stacking” their recoveries, so, essentially, they only have to recovery once
  • The end results can be quite transformative, decreasing the size of the breasts and changing the orientation, leading to a bust line that looks much more youthful
  • There may also be some cost savings in performing both procedures at once (rather than one at a time)
  • A breast lift combined with a breast reduction (and vice versa) may in some cases lead to superior results, if only because surgeons have more control over the final shape and size of the breasts

The decision to combine procedures should always be dictated by two things: the opinion of your plastic surgeon and your desired final results. During your consultation with a surgeon, you will discuss what you want those final results to be and the best way to achieve them.

Difference Between Breast Reduction and Breast Implant Revision

While we aren’t privy to her medical records (that’s actually a good thing), we can say it sounds as though Holly Hagan is having a breast implant revision procedure. Such implant revisions have become more popular over the years. What essentially happens is this: a patient wants to move from a larger implant size to a more modest implant size (which is still larger than the original size).

In cases of a breast implant revision procedure, the old implant is removed. That much is obvious. However, it sounds as if in Hagan’s case, they might let her breasts go implant-less for several months in order for the breast tissues to constrict to a smaller size. This might bypass the need for a reduction procedure to be performed, but your body’s ability to do this depends on several factors. First and foremost, it depends on the placement of the original implant (above or beneath the muscle, etc.).

Avoiding a reduction surgery will also depend on the general elasticity of your skin. The more elastic, the more your body can do on its own. Other variables might include your body’s own general rate of healing and the number of steps you’re looking to change (from D to C or D to B, for example).

Why Get Breast Implant Revision?

There are quite a few reasons why patients might consider getting a breast implant revision procedure. Some of the following reasons might apply:

  • As with natural breasts, larger implants mean more weight, and that can lead to chronic pain in the neck and back over time
  • Just as with natural breasts, larger implants can increase the rate of sag of the breasts as you age
  • Some patients’ aesthetic tastes change over time, leading to a desire for smaller implants
  • Breast implants do have a shelf life, so many patients will change out implants after 15 years or so

Ending Up With the Right Breast Size

Whether you get a breast reduction and a breast lift at the same time or only receive one or the other, the goal is the same: surgeons want you to be happy with the look, size, and shape of your breasts.

During a breast lift, surgeons will reorient the breasts to be perkier. During a breast reduction, surgeons will remove excess skin and tissue. When the two procedures are combined, you get the best of both worlds: breasts that are proportional, comfortable, and youthful.

Breast lifts are often performed with other breast procedure as a way to ensure that the final results are as attractive and desirable as possible. Breast lifts are often performed with breast augmentations, as an example. So it’s not that outlandish that a breast lift and breast reduction would be a popular combination.

But it’s important that you consult with your surgeon and to find the best possible end results for you and your frame. After all, many patients these days are after results that look natural and elegant. Sometimes, the best way to achieve those results is to talk to your surgeon about a breast lift with breast reduction option.

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