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Summary: Deciding when you should get breast reduction can be a tough call. When to get breast reduction, after all, is a pretty personal question—and it’s one that your doctor can have input on but which only you can really answer. There comes a point when your body and mind are both ready for the transformation—and for the relief that comes with it!

When is Breast Reduction Right for You?

For many women, it’s hard to know when you need a breast procedure—so when is a breast reduction the right call? After all, there might be a few different times in your life that you feel like you could conceivably get a breast reduction. What’s the trigger that suddenly makes you feel comfortable moving ahead with the procedure?

The answer to that question is going to be different for each and every woman. In part, that’s because these types of decisions are personal. Only you can determine when you’re ready to undergo surgery and what you want the final results to look like. But the answers are also quite individualized because bodies are different, and they age at unique speeds.

In other words, not everyone is going to develop excess breast tissue at the same age. Instead, surgeons usually look for physical symptoms that can be addressed successfully by a breast reduction. These symptoms, more than any physical age, might help you to know when to get a breast reduction procedure.

Physical Symptoms

There are many physical reasons that women might decide to undergo a breast reduction procedure. According to the website of Newport Beach breast reduction surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton, many of these physical reasons manifest as either pain or discomfort (or, in many cases, as both).

That discomfort can manifest in several ways:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Emotional discomfort
  • Loss of confidence or self esteem

In some ways, even the simple act of shopping for clothes can become problematic. You might feel that it’s near impossible to find clothing that fits you properly—often because of the size of your bust. However, more commonly, it’s the physical pain that finally enables patients to move forward with a breast reduction procedure.

Why Do Large Breasts Hurt My Back?

Breasts that are overly large for their frame can cause pain and discomfort to manifest in the neck and back of the patient. This occurs largely because of the weight of the breasts. As you age, the breasts tend to sag. They also tend to take on excess tissue (a combination of fat, muscle, and skin).

Together, this change in weight and orientation can begin to strain your neck and back, even with proper support (all bras do, really, is transfer the strain a little more efficiently to your shoulders). Essentially, your shoulder, back, and neck muscles have to work overtime in order to support the weight of your chest.

And that work can increase the pain and strain on those muscles. Back and neck aches can easily translate into headaches in the long run. And, over time, all of this can lead to chronic and painful discomfort. Essentially, you get back pain or a headache that never goes away. These symptoms can develop so slowly that you almost don’t notice them—and you might not even realize where they’re coming from.

That’s when many people realize that it’s time for surgery.

When Should You Get a Breast Reduction?

Some patients get breast reduction surgery before turning twenty. Other patients are well into their fifties before scheduling the procedure. Much will depend on your own personal body, and the way the body develops.

  • Patients who naturally develop more breast tissue at a younger age might wish to have a breast reduction sooner (for example, Ariel Winter famously elected to undergo a breast reduction surgery around her 18th birthday). This does not in any way inoculate patients from requiring a breast reduction later in life, but it does give them a significant amount of time to enjoy the results (and experience much less discomfort).
  • Patients who develop excess breast tissue as they age may elect to have breast reduction surgery later in life. Indeed, there would often not be cause to have the procedure any earlier. These patients may also elect to undergo a simultaneous breast lift in order to make the orientation of the breasts appear more youthful and buoyant.

Ultimately, the decision of when to get breast reduction is left up to the patient. That point at which the procedure becomes necessary will depend on the amount of discomfort a patient experiences (or is willing to put up with).

However, it’s worth noting that breast reduction surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in terms of the satisfaction rating of patients. People tend to love the results! Finding the best time to get the procedure is often, appropriately, up to the patient. In other words, when should you get a breast reduction? It’s up to you!

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