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Summary: Breast asymmetry, aka- when one is larger than the other, is actually more common than you think. Breast augmentation can restore harmony to your look, and your chest will be saying Namaste in no time.

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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Take a deep breath in. And out. Now inhale again and look down at your breasts: does something seem off? If you see a difference in the twins’ size or position, you’re not alone. The key is not to panic (we’re meditating after all!) It has been proven that nearly 25 percent of women have a persistent visible breast asymmetry, and approximately 90 percent of women have some minor irregularity between their breasts. There are plenty of things that can be done to even out your chest and give you the even and balanced look you desire. With breast augmentation for breast asymmetry you can be back on the yoga mat in a few short weeks showing off your gorgeous new curves.

Breast Augmentation for Balance Sake

For some of you, breast augmentation may sound scary. It’s so important to realize that not everyone who gets implants is doing so just to increase the size of their chest! Some women really do need to undergo augmentation in order to restore harmony to the rest of their symmetrical body. We can’t control the size or shape of our breasts with diet and exercise for the most part, so surgery really is the best option here. If you are sick of cramming your bigger breast into a smaller bra, or even worse… stuffing the smaller side… you don’t have to fight your asymmetry any longer.

Taking the Plunge for that Plunging Neckline

As mentioned before, there are a number of different ways to fix asymmetry of the breasts. Common procedures for correcting more extreme cases of asymmetry include the following:

  • breast implant surgery to augment the smaller breast
  • breast reduction surgery on the larger of the two breasts
  • breast augmentation of both breasts, 2 implants of varying sizes
  • adding a a breast lift or a combination of surgeries to achieve the best outcome

Your plastic surgeon will help you make the decision that is best for you. A good plastic surgeon is key to creating that balance and proportion you desire. For those on the East Coast, the good doctors at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery are available for all of your New Jersey breast augmentation needs. Not from the East Coast? There are 100’s of other qualified plastic surgeons in your area, too! Just remember to be calm, relax, and the next time you’re in downward-facing-dog, take a peek at your own cleavage and see if breast augmentation for asymmetry is right for you.

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