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Summary: Don’t let the rumors scare you, there is about a 90% chance that you will be able to successfully breast feed your child even if you have undergone a breast augmentation procedure!

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Child

There are rumor mills out there that are determined to shy women away from undergoing cosmetic surgery, but there is one rumor that is so wrong that it needs to be combatted: breast implants will NOT impact your ability to breast feed. There are several celebrities out there that have successfully breast fed their newborn children even though they had undergone cosmetic enhancement in the past. Do not worry about the impact that this will have on your body, for doctors are reporting that the likelihood of your breast feeding experience being negatively impacted is only around 10%.

Looking and Feeling Good

There are so many decisions to be made when deciding whether or not to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. You will be asking yourself questions about size, shape, implant placement, and filler materials. You may also be considering other surgeries to accompany this one, such as a breast lift or liposuction. Do not let your future plans of starting a family defer you from making decisions that are best for you today. You can rest assured knowing that undergoing a breast augmentation procedure will have a very small impact on your future parenting choices.

Questions to Ask

If you aren’t quite sure about your specific case, it is always critical that you discuss your concerns with a doctor and a cosmetic surgeon. A board certified plastic surgeon that has experience with breast augmentation procedures will be sure to inform you of any challenges your procedure may produce, and any risks associated with an implant procedure like the one you are choosing to undergo. Important questions to ask will be:

  • Will my nipple or glands be altered in any way during this surgery?
  • What are the side effects and risks associated with a breast augmentation procedure?
  • Will my decisions regarding size, shape, materials, incision points, or muscle placement of my implant affect breast feeding in any way? Is there a benefit in any way?

Celebrity Proof in the Pudding

There are several celebrities who have undergone breast augmentation procedures and have gone on to successfully breast feed their child. Currently in the spotlight for this is Kourtney Kardashian, who has now been successful nursing two children in addition to having beautiful implants. Other celebrity success stories include Kendra Wilkinson and Pamela Anderson. All 3 of these women have raised incredible children and breastfed them, regardless of their prior implant procedures. Kourtney’s experience was actually so positive that when she stopped nursing her first child Mason, she was quoted as saying it was “traumatizing” and that “he just stopped asking. It’s really sad, but it’s natural.”

Relax and Breathe

With everything you’ve read above you should now understand that breast implants will more than likely NOT affect your ability to nurse. While there are always exceptions to every rule, it is very uncommon for anyone to experience difficulty breastfeeding because of their prior augmentation procedures. Discussing everything with your doctor, including asking the questions above, should solidify your understanding that you have nothing to lose with your implants but a small bust line!

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