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You’ve pictured your wedding day for years and have an exact image of how you want to look and feel as you walk down the aisle. The one thing you need to turn that dream into reality is a wedding beauty timeline. With the proper plan you can have your skin, hair, and figure configured to your exact specifications. Yes, your wedding beauty plan is pretty much science. Follow along and see how it’s done.

Six Months Before the Wedding

Waiting for the last minute is a surefire way to set yourself up for disappointment. Binge diets usually don’t work. Even if they do, they’ll leave you tired and stressed. Instead, set specific goals – like you wedding diet plan 6 months – and start chipping away.

Toning Up: Get your body used to an exercise that you can increase over time. Don’t just focus on losing weight, the number on the scale is only half the story. Mix up your treadmill runs with a variety of exercises that include some weight training. With this method not only will you lose a few pounds but your skin will be tighter and your figure will become the shape you have in mind.

Going Smooth: If you’ve never gone through laser hair removal it may come as a surprise how much time you need. Most assume that you just zap it off and you’re on your way. But, expert dermatologists will tell you to space out your sessions at least one month apart. This process makes sure that there is no skin damage and that there are no leftovers to deal with.

Growing Out: Many brides choose hairstyles that require longer hair. Extensions are always a gorgeous option, but if you prefer Au Naturale you’ll have to start growing out those locks. Visit your hairstylist with your vision and see if a quick touch up will help stimulate new growth.

Start Counting: Your how to prepare for a wedding has a lot to do with diet. Start drinking more water so that you’re constantly properly hydrated and start replacing some of the bad food with good food. A good diet combined with exercise may cut out the need for any drastic diets. Also, you can’t underestimate the impact of habitual drinking has on your health. We’re not saying cut out 100% of your fun, but try limiting yourself and skipping a few club weekends.

Breath: The time to train your body to relax starts now. There’s plenty of reasons to stress over the next 6 months, and stress has all sorts of negative health implications. Sign up for yoga, swimming, a drum circle, or whatever else will help you blow off some steam.

Five Months

Go In With A Bang: You’ve been working hard and disciplined for 30 days now and it’s time for a reward. Book a few hours, day, or weekend at the spa to give your wedding skin prep a kickstart. Most brides save this for closer to the wedding date but you, the smart bride, will indulge in the full treatment well in advance.

Once your skin has been rejuvenated from top to bottom all you’ll need is a manageable regiment to keep it that way and make it glow even brighter as time passes.

Three Months

Save The Date: With 2 full months under your belt, some of the changes have started to take effect. Now’s the perfect time to test your progress and make some decisions.

Book your free hair trials and make up trials. With the progress you’ve made so far you’ll get a real sense of what the final outcome will be along with the encouragement to keep going. You’ll also get the best pick of stylist and artists, as the real professional makeup appointments tend to require a minimum of 3 months’ notice.

The wedding workout plan 3 months’ mark is also when you should start working on your tan lines. Whether you’re using self-tanner or are opting for a booth or sunlight, you need time for your tone to settle in. With sprays you’ll need some practice on how to maintain the perfect color. With booths or sun you need to do a little at a time until it’s just right.

Two Months

Seek a professional for those brows. Tweezing just won’t cut it for your big day, and you may want to experiment with shape and fullness before committing to a specific look. Consider waxing and threading, both have their merits.

We often forget about those pearly whites but it’s definitely one of those wedding must dos. Book a teeth whitening session now. Depending on your day-to-day routine there may be a few shades to get through which would require multiple visits to the dentist.

It’s also time to step up your workout. By now your dedication has plateaued and you’re not making the gains that you used to. Introduce new workouts to your routine, run further, and lift harder. But, beware. The “no pain no gain” mantra is no longer the way to go. Workout so hard one day, you won’t be able to lift a finger the next. Instead challenge yourself to do as much as you can without overexerting yourself so that you can do it again and again until you’ve hit your target.

One Month

Your bridal beauty timeline is rapidly coming to a close. Finalize your hair and makeup. You still have time to make a few healthy improvements, but the overall look is there. You’re near your target weight and shape, your skin is hydrated and toned, and your hair is as long as it’s going to be. Make sure to bring some accessories (veil, hairpiece, etc..) so that you can cover every aspect when perfecting your look.
Now is also the time to maintain all of your hard work. Stick to your diet, use a whitening toothpaste, and subscribe to a daily cleanser that you know won’t risk a rash.

Two Weeks

You’ve already done the major renovations so when to get haircut before wedding is now. Color and trim your hair to keep it exactly how you want, and then head back to the spa. Yes, you do want a little more skin treatment to hit the bridal beauty glow. More importantly, you want a massage, a mud bath, and a wedding manicure and pedicure. Relaxing is key and well deserved,

One Week

Since you were smart enough to plan ahead, the wedding week timeline is when you get to tone it down a notch. Ditch all salts and replace them with fruits and veggies to stay energetic and hydrated. Buy the most expensive lotion you can justify, and book a bikini wax. If you’re going to do any exercise at all, stick to light outdoor jogging. Get some fresh air and clear your mind. It may be tempting to shed an extra pound or two but there’s nothing worse than your legs feeling weak when there’s an aisle to walk down and a night of dancing ahead of you.

One Day

You’ve stuck to your pre wedding beauty plan and you’ve done it all! Aside from your bridal skin care routine, drink lots of water and get as much rest as you can squeeze into a day. You’ll need it!

As you can see, the earlier you get started with your wedding beauty timeline, the easier it becomes to achieve your goals. Get the heavy lifting out of the way early so that you can focus on feeling healthy and relaxed instead of trying to pack all of your beauty goals into a final week. Best of luck, we know you can do it!

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