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Summary: It was almost a year ago that MTV’s The Hills star revealed her dramatic transformation after her breast reduction. That Montag felt she could do this is an inspiration to many women who would like to undergo a breast reduction but feel that, somehow, reducing their breast size is unaccepted or counter-intuitive. The reality, though, is that many women with large breasts elect to reduce their size through surgery and very, very few of them every come to regret it.

Beautiful Young Woman

Reality Check

It’s been nearly a year since reality TV star Heidi Montag revealed her breast reduction surgery. The formerly f-cupped celebrity downsized to a c-cup, and the photos revealed just how well this new size worked with the rest of her body. Montag made the decision to downsize for several reasons, not least of which was the, as she said, creepy looks she got from guys who felt, due to the size of her breasts entitled to stare. But she also underwent the procedure because of Newton’s oldest friend, gravity. According to Us Weekly, Montag complained of back pain and neck pain.

The Reduction Solution

This probably sounds familiar to anyone with large breasts. Your breasts might simply be too large for your frame, and the price your body pays only increases with age. Gravity increases the sag of the breasts, and the sag of the breasts increases the stress put on your back and neck areas. The solution to this is, of course, a procedure called a breast reduction.

That breast reductions aren’t nearly as popular—or talked about—as breast augmentation is an artifact of our society at large. Breast augmentation gets a lot of press, and plenty of columns are written about which celebrity or star had a breast augmentation and how large her new breasts are. The trend seems, at least, to be always moving towards the bigger and bigger.

A Good Example

That’s why Montag’s breast reduction surgery is so important—it’s an example of a woman decreasing her breast size and generally being praised as even more attractive because of it. This is empowering to all of those women whose breasts are causing pain and discomfort, but who don’t want to give up the social benefits that might come with larger breasts. Heidi Montag’s public results prove that you can have both.

Especially considering that most breast reductions are paired with a breast lift. Part of the problem with large breasts is that, as you age, your breasts will sag (and while the rate my not actually be exponential, it’ll probably feel that way). According to the website of the Clear Lake breast reduction specialists at South Shore Plastic Surgery, many women elect to have the two procedures combined because it cuts down on overall recovery time and also returns that natural perkiness of youth. The procedure usually stretches or reattaches various muscular structures, and the scar tissue helps to keep everything in place where it’s supposed to be.

Is it Worth it?

Most women, of course, care more about the overall results than they do about how it’s done. And according to, a plastic surgery social media site, 96% of those who elect to undergo the procedure find that it was worth it. That’s a remarkably high satisfaction rate, of course, but it probably echoes the general consensus. Most women who undergo a breast reduction find themselves suddenly free of the back and neck pain caused by their large breasts.

Performed for Happiness

Breast reduction is often performed as an outpatient program, but depending on your plastic surgeon, may require some hospital time. It also depends, of course, on how much work is actually being done. But it’s a relatively light recovery, though it’s one you should take seriously. It may be a couple of weeks before you’re back to your old self. And you should also consider that there may be visible scars, though plastic surgeons have gotten pretty good at hiding those in discreet spots, so how noticeable they are will depend on how well everything heals.

Even with all that, breast reduction has made a huge segment of the population quite happy with the results. It’s often described as quite liberating. You could just ask Heidi Montag.

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