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busting fat graft myths

Summary: Fat Graft procedures are among the most popular in the current plastic surgery landscape. That’s why we’re busting some fat graft myths! Myths about procedure tend to either give people the wrong idea or inflated expectations, both of which can be damaging. So we’re setting the record straight in an attempt to improve outcomes and expectations!

Time for Busting Some Fat Graft Myths

Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most popular procedures on the planet. That means a couple of things. First and foremost, people tend to like the results. A Brazilian Butt Lift is capable of giving a patient a larger, rounder rear end with a minimally invasive procedure. And it’s also capable of getting rid of fat when it’s not wanted. In other words, you can get a smaller tummy and a bigger butt.

That two-for-one aspect of Brazilian Butt Lift makes it particularly compelling. And that’s why it’s not shocking to see the heart of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure—the technique known as a fat graft—moving into other procedures. Essentially, a fat graft is a technique in which you take fat from one area of the body and transport it to another area of the body (or “graft” it into another area).

But there’s certainly a fair bit of misinformation out there about fat graft procedures. That’s why where in the process of Busting some fat graft myths! (Come on, we know you love some good busting of myths… yes, we said it that way on purpose.)

Myth #1: A Fat Graft Procedure is Non Surgical

During a Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuction is used to remove the fat that is later injected into the buttocks. The same is true with a fat graft breast augmentation procedure. In other words, one of the reasons that fat graft breast augmentation procedures are so popular is because they are minimally invasive.

But they are not “non surgical.” A non surgical procedure implies that the procedure does not involve any incisions. It’s true that the actual injections of fat do not require incisions of any kind—but that cannot be said for the liposuction element of the procedure.

Indeed, liposuction is a surgical procedure, even though it is minimally invasive. That’s why you should be a little hesitant whenever anybody advertises a “non surgical” Brazilian Butt Lift. Because, as long as it’s a fat graft procedure, it will still be surgical.

Myth #2: The Fat is There to Stay

A fat graft procedure is, ultimately, a permanent procedure. So there’s a tendency to think of it as a kind of one-to-one procedure. However much fat gets extracted, that’s the volume you can count on being injected into your body. The reality is a little more complicated, for a couple of reasons:

  • The Fat is purified before it’s injected back into your body: This is done for a number of reasons (to make it safer and more effective, mostly), but it will slightly change how much material is actually going into your body
  • Not all of the fat is going to stay: During any fat graft procedure, a certain percentage of the fat will not survive the transfer process. The more that survives the better, of course, but this is often a rather unpredictable element of fat graft procedures. Still, surgeons use the latest techniques to keep that ratio as close to 100% as reasonably possible.

All of this is a long way of saying that the fat graft is indeed permanent, but not for 100% of the fat. Once the fat “takes” to its new home, however, it will be there to stay.

Myth #3: Fat Graft is Only for Big Procedure

We talk a lot about Brazilian Butt Lift and Fat Graft Breast Augmentation procedures. But it’s worth noting that those are not the only procedures that can involve a fat graft. Indeed, there are many fat graft facelift and lip injection procedures already out there.

In other words, fat graft can be used in smaller procedures. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a fat graft nose job in the near future (though, according to the website of Dr. Alexander Rivkin, here, most non surgical nose jobs are currently performed with dermal fillers).

And that, of course, is going to be the deciding factors: how a fat graft compares to a dermal filler injection. In areas like the lips, for example, fat does tend to look a little more natural. But it can be a significant amount of work to get that fat (remember, liposuction is a surgical procedure), so there are certainly advantages to dermal fillers.

The best course of action is likely going to come down to the patient’s preferences and desired final results.

No Stopping the Popularity

In any case, it’s likely that fat graft procedures will continue to be quite popular. We’ll stay on top of the myths that grow with the procedure and continue to bust some myths every chance we get!

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