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five breast augmentation myths

Summary: The world is full of myths. This misinformation is usually not very dangerous, but when it comes to plastic surgery procedures, these myths can guide a patient’s decision to get surgery or to abstain. We want to make sure people are making decisions based on quality information, so we’re offering a little bit of informal myth busting that we hope will help.

Busting Breast Augmentation Myths

As one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures over the past couple of decades, breast augmentation—or the boob job—has a reputation that precedes it. That is, everyone thinks they already know the breast augmentation. But today we’re busting some boob job myths, mostly because this misinformation could get in the way of the desired results of patients. So let’s take a look at some of the most prominent breast augmentation myths and bust them right down.

Myth #1: Saline is Better than Silicone

For couple of decades, especially the 1990s and early 2000s, saline breast implants were the implants of choice. This was largely due to a cancer scare—some people thought silicone breast implants might increase the chances of getting breast cancer. The FDA studied the issue, however, and found no statistical link between silicone breast implants and higher incidents of cancer. This means that, these days, silicone implants are actually the favored implant type: they look and feel more natural and they are generally more durable. These days, silicone implants are the implant of choice.

Myth #2: Go as Big as You Can

The second popular myth about breast augmentation procedures is that patients like to go as big as possible. Or, said another way, that women who are looking for breast augmentation or “boob job” procedures are looking to exaggerate their bust line beyond the realm of what is realistic or natural looking. But the opposite is most often true. Indeed, most women who go in for a breast augmentation procedure are looking to bring their bust into proportion with their waist and hips. And nearly all patients desire a final result that looks natural. Of course, everyone is different and unique, so desired final results are always discussed with a surgeon before the procedure.

Myth #3: You’ll Have Larger Breasts for the Rest of Your Life

Breast augmentation is effectively permanent. According to the website of the Houston breast augmentation specialists at South Shore Plastic Surgery, this essentially means that they will last for a long time and you may not have to change them out. However, the FDA does put a kind of expiration date on most implants (usually between 15-20 years). Many women elect to have their implants removed or downsized later in life, depending on their goals. To bust this myth in the simplest terms: the first size you get is not the size you have to stick with.

Myth #4: Breast Augmentation is Bad for Your Self-Esteem

In general, we consider plastic surgery to be a judgment-free zone. People want their bodies to look and feel and be a certain way, and that’s okay. That’s why we’re not particularly fond of the myth that breast augmentation is either the cause of or caused by low self-esteem. In fact, we can point to findings that those who want breast augmentation and then who get breast augmentation enjoy a boost in self-esteem and confidence (not to mention quality of life). Of course, if you don’t want plastic surgery, and you are somehow pressured into it (which is a big no-no), that will be different. However, in general, breast augmentation patients are happy and confident and getting this procedure for their own reasons.

Myth #5: Augmented Breasts Will Look Fake

To a certain extent, this myth might be true. Patients that seek out over-sized breast implants or get a “boob job” that is too big for their frame may not enjoy results that look as natural. However, there are ways to get a breast augmentation and have it look natural under most circumstances. Silicone implants, for example, look and feel more natural than saline. Fat graft implants, which are a new and upcoming way of achieving breast augmentations will look and feel most natural of all.

Get Information Directly From the Source

The best place to go for information about breast augmentation procedures—or any procedure, for that matter—is right to the source. The best way to bust breast augmentation myths is to consult with an experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon. Many surgeons offer free consultations, so in many ways you’ve got nothing to lose if you’re curious about these procedures.

In the mean time, we’ll continue busting boob job myths as we see them—at least, the best that we can.

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