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busting fat graft myths

Summary: There are myths out there about everything—and no shortage of so-called myth busters. We aren’t the most famous myth busters out there, but we do have some knowledge about some tummy tuck myths we’ve been hearing. That’s why we’re devoting some time to busting tummy tuck myths we’ve been trying to address for a while.

Busting Tummy Tuck Myths that Won’t Go Away

If you want to get a smooth, firm looking belly area, then you’re probably looking into a tummy tuck. Known more precisely as an abdominoplasty, tummy tuck procedures are designed to eliminate excess tissue around the, well, tummy. These procedures are popular with a wide variety of patients for a similarly wide variety of reasons.

In almost all cases, however, patients want a firmer belly. As with any popular procedure, however, certain myths crop up about what tummy tuck can and cannot do. Those myths don’t really help anyone decide what to do or how to do it. So we’re devoting today’s article to busting those myths.

It’s important because busting tummy tuck myths can help you make the right choice for your body (though, more research is always required)!

Myth #1: You Can Exercise Your Way to the Same Results

Exercise is good for you, and you should find a way to get activities in every day. However, exercise cannot get you the same results as a tummy tuck. The reason is pretty simple: a tummy tuck is designed to get rid of excess skin. Exercise, on the other hand, does not eliminate excess skin.

It’s true that vigorous exercise may slightly tighten your skin. But if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight or gone through a pregnancy—or done anything that will give you a significant amount of excess skin around your belly area—exercise just won’t cut it. To get a firm, slender looking belly, you’ll need to eliminate that excess skin.

Surgeons do this by making an incision along the tummy area and then removing the appropriate amount of excess skin. There is simply no way for exercise to replicate these results.

Myth #2: You Can Go Back to Work the Next Day

Look, tummy tuck procedures are famous for getting great results for patients. But they’re a serious surgical procedure and a serious undertaking on the part of the patient. Recovery for tummy tuck procedures can take a number of weeks. In general terms, patients can expect to endure limited mobility for a couple of weeks (including limits on how much you can lift).

It may be even longer before all of the swelling goes down and you can truly appreciate the results. So, tummy tuck is worth it for most patient (in fact, most patients say that they love the results). But you won’t be back at work the day after surgery.

Myth #3: You Only Need a Tummy Tuck if You’ve Been Pregnant

It’s true that women who have been pregnant can get a lot out of tummy tuck procedures. After all, pregnancy is rather notorious for stretching out your skin and not really giving it a chance to bounce back. But that doesn’t mean that only pregnant women will benefit from tummy tuck procedures.

Tummy tuck patients come in many, well, shapes and sizes. Tummy tuck can benefit patients who have recently lost a significant amount of weight (whether from lifestyle changes or from bariatric surgery).

Tummy tuck can also benefit both men and women. There are plenty of surgeons out there that offer “tummy tuck for men” procedures, which seek to honor and emphasize more masculine angles and profiles. But, really, every tummy tuck is about helping the individual patient get what he or she needs.

In other words, the results will be individualized. As long as you’ve got excess skin around the tummy or belly area, a tummy tuck procedure is appropriate.

Busting Tummy Tuck Myths

We hope that busting these three tummy tuck myths has helped you learn a little more about this procedure. Make no mistake, there are more tummy tuck myths out there. We’ll never be able to catch up with and bust them all.

So how do you know accurate information from myth? The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon (once you have found a surgeon with a great record in tummy tuck procedures). Your surgeon will be able to tell you everything this procedure can and should do for your body.

And then you’ll be on your way to achieving your ideal body. Or, at least, you’ll be on your way to achieving your ideal tummy. And that’s what the tummy tuck is designed to do.

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