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Summary: Butt augmentation has become exceptionally popular—not just in the United States. It seems the procedure is also quite popular in the United Kingdom. This isn’t surprising, as the most popular plastic surgery procedures tend to be the ones that directly let us control what our genes try to keep in their firm grasps. It’s particularly difficult to give yourself a larger butt with only diet and exercise—so surgery is needed if you want to have the kind of round, ample rear end that, likely, isn’t going out of style any time soon.

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Who Controls Whom?

Your genes hold a lot of sway over the way your body develops. Diet and exercise play their parts, but your jeans often dictate just how your body might interact with a healthy lifestyle (or lack of one). Plastic surgery, of course, allows people to target specific areas of their body to improve or alter in very specific ways. This is why we have operations such as breast augmentation, of course—diet and exercise, no matter how they’re combined, cannot produce noticeably larger breasts.

There are some procedures that become popular with a certain subset of the population—namely that subset which may not be predisposed to favorable genetics for that area. For example, many women are born with ample rear ends (many men are as well, but that’s beside the point at the moment)—and for many years, this was seen as somehow unattractive. In the past few years—since the early 2000’s, especially—a larger rear end has been seen in a more favorable light.

Naturally Augmented Butt

Credit for this big butt trend is usually given to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian—and there’s some truth in that. But to be fair, it’s probably much more complex, and the definition of attraction in a broad sense has always been quite fluid—that is, it’s not the same today as it was a number of years ago (just look at hair styles). For today, however, the—if you’ll pardon the phrase—big booty is most definitely in.

Which makes it a particularly popular target for plastic surgery. The buttocks are, generally, largely muscle tissue. Which means that increasing the size of your rear via diet and exercise is exceptionally difficult (although, there are quite a few exercises that can be found on the internet to accomplish just such a feat—if you can last more than twenty minutes, maybe one of them is for you). But the simple fact of the matter is that not everyone has great genes for that desirable, round, ample rear end. Which makes surgery a prime alternative.

Fat Graft ofr Butt Augmentation

There are a few different ways plastic surgeons can go about a butt augmentation. Sometimes, a procedure called a fat graft is used. During this procedure, liposuction is used to collect fat from areas in your body where it is unwelcome—in other words, from some of those undesirable areas: the arms, around the belly, and so on. The fat is purified and then injected into the targeted area: for our purposes, the buttocks (this procedure can also be used to enlarge the lips or even, sometimes, the breasts). The benefit of the fat graft technique, according to the website of the Milwaukee butt augmentation experts at Milwaukee Plastic Surgery, is that you limit the possibility of allergic reaction and the end result feels remarkably natural.

The downside of any fat graft technique, however, is the variability in the results. Because fat is transplanted from one area of your body to another, there’s some unpredictability in terms of how much fat survives the transition, how much is reabsorbed into the body, and how much stays right where it is. Plastic surgeons and researchers are, of course, looking into this to try to establish a better ratio of fat that lives to fat that dies—mostly because this easily presents the best results.

Butt Implants

However, if you want less unpredictability in what those final results will be, many plastic surgeons opt for specially constructed implants. Think breast implants, only for the back instead of the front (and, of course, shaped differently). These implants are sometimes constructed out of saline and sometimes out of silicone, and the primary advantage of this path is that you get total control over the look of your end result. You can go as big you want and as round as you want. However, you will lose some of that natural feel (which might make sitting a bit of a feeling you need to get used to).

Popular Around the World

There’s no denying that butt augmentation (or gluteal augmentation) is a popular procedure—and not just in the United States. It turns out the procedure is pretty popular in the United Kingdom; but not many UK plastic surgeons are willing to perform the procedure, creating something of a bind for patients. Because of this, the UK has seen a drastic rise in tourism plastic surgery—surgery performed in areas such as the Dominican Republic. Of course, surgery tourism comes with its own risks, but it certainly is a testament to just how badly many women want butt augmentation.

But perhaps it is no surprise that the UK has seen such demand for this procedure—as it’s certainly the European population (and their descendants) that find it so difficult to add bulk to their buttocks using nothing but natural means. That also explains the exploding popularity of butt augmentation in the United States. This procedure is becoming more and more popular. And because plastic surgery is certainly a long term commitment, it appears that this particular aspect of beauty isn’t going out of style any time soon.

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