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Summary: Jennifer Lopez might have what we call a natural butt lift. Meaning she got hers without stopping by the local Chicago plastic surgeon. But many people opt to get their desirably round and large rear end through plastic surgery. This makes a lot of sense—the buttocks are incredibly hard to grow and shape through diet or exercise, so often plastic surgery is the only realistic option. And while the Brazilian butt lift is an incredibly popular procedure, sometimes the recovery process can be a little hard to honor. But let’s be real: butt lift recovery is among the most important steps of the entire procedure. You’ve got to let your fat recover to get the optimal results.

butt lift recovery is an important step of the butt augmentation process

Let’s Take a Look at Your Butt Lift Recovery

Every year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and other plastic surgery organizations release information and statistics regarding the popularity of various procedures over the previous 12 months. It’s a way to keep track of what procedures are hot and what procedures are not. This way, plastic surgeons can prepare for the coming year—not only in terms of advertising, but also keeping track of what supplies to have on hand and so on and so forth. It also gives plastic surgeons a chance to disseminate information on particularly popular procedures.

According to the most recent information released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation procedures have become slightly less popular. But what’s of more striking note is the fact that butt augmentation procedures seem to be on the way up. This is true both of butt augmentations which use artificial implants—usually silicone based—and those butt augmentations which use fat as the donor material (these are typically referred to as Brazilian butt lifts).

The Brazilian Butt Lift

We’ve discussed elsewhere the motivation behind this rise in the desire for larger rear ends. But now we want to talk about what happens after. In particular, we want to discuss butt lift recovery and what you can do to protect your, well, assets. This is especially true with it comes to the Brazilian butt lift.

A butt lift or any augmentation is all about increasing size. In order to increase size, you need a donor material of some kind. With implants, that donor material is artificial—it’s silicone. However, with the Brazilian butt lift, the donor material is natural: it’s your own fat. Essentially, fat is harvested from somewhere you don’t want it (usually the abdomen) and put someplace where you do want it (your rear end). Of course, the fat goes through a purification process first.

How to Get the Best Results From your Butt Lift Recovery

Many people opt for this fat graft procedure because it’s a great one-two punch. Or killing two birds with one stone, whichever metaphor you prefer. The problem is that when fat is transferred, it tends to be a little on the fragile side. That’s not necessarily a down side to the overall procedure—it’s simply the nature of the procedure, and as long as you know that going in, you can prepare for it. The fragility of the fat basically translates into this: if you damage or hurt the transplanted fat, your Brazilian butt lift recovery won’t go as smoothly, and your results could diminish.

So here are a few things you can do to keep your butt lift recovery on the right track and make sure you get excellent results:

  • Don’t sit down for three weeks. We know this sounds kind of drastic. But those fat cells respond to pressure like a speech student with stage fright. They die quickly. So watching television might be interesting for a while—and if you’re at work, you’ll have to see if you can requisition one of those standing desks. If you can go three weeks without sitting, your results will be vastly improved.
  • Avoid swimming pools or hot tubs for 4 weeks after your procedure. We know they’re relaxing, but your skin needs to breath! Swimming pools and hot tubs (especially hot tubs) interfere with your skin’s ability to get oxygen where it needs to go.
  • Wear a pressure garment. Your plastic surgeon will have more specific things to say about this, but we’re just here to emphasize that following your surgeon’s instructions is of paramount importance if you want your results to shine. A pressure garment helps you heal and helps keep everything else where it should be.
  • Avoid strenuous activity for up to four weeks. This includes exercise and anything else that might make you sweat. To be sure, this is partly to protect the area of your body from which the fat was harvested in the first place. But it’s also to keep your bum looking nice after surgery.

Follow the Instructions, and Things Will Probably be Okay

Of course, you should always follow your plastic surgeon’s recovery instructions. It’s vital to making sure your results end up looking the way you want them to look. Those who are looking for a larger rear end need to take their Brazilian butt lift recovery seriously.

Think about it this way: a Brazilian butt lift is really two procedures: one to extract the fat (liposuction) and one to inject it (fat graft). This means that your body is under a tremendous amount of stress. And stress also kills fat. So to protect that fragile fat that’s making your rear end look nice and round, you’ve got to follow your butt lift recovery instructions to the letter. After a few weeks go by, and your butt is still big and round (just the way you like it), you’ll be thankful.

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