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Summary: Implants aren’t just for women anymore. For men who work out at the gym constantly but still suffer from a saggy, lifeless butt, buttock augmentation is the best way to fake it (though no one will know that you are!)

Getting The Ball Rolling

First of all, it’s important to get the stigma of butt implants out of your head once and for all. The world of cosmetic surgery is no longer only dominated by female patients, and more and more men are seeking out procedures to enhance their look and give them a body they can be proud to show off. Butt augmentation procedures are very personalized, and a masculine shape and look are absolutely 100% achievable with the use of implants. Plus, an added bonus: they’re permanent. Once you’re done in the doctor’s office, you will never have to worry about your backside again.

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Talking Through It

It is important to discuss what your desired wishes are with your cosmetic surgeon. Most men who undergo buttock augmentation want a very muscular look, but some do desire feminization. No matter what you want it is imperative that you express it. If a muscular look is what you’re going for, doctors may contour the areas around the implant to show more definition. There are many ways you can customize your shape with implants, and it is a lot easier than a thousand reps at the gym!

How It Works

Butt augmentation with implants is an increasingly popular procedure because of the permanent results. The procedure itself has many customizable aspects and implants can change your look in a number of ways.

Men are great candidates for butt implants. If you are a healthy guy who works out and just can’t get achieve that fuller look in your backside, there is no reason for you not to consider augmentation. You can stop feeling inadequate at the gym, because your customizable implant procedure will be a major game changer.

Your surgery will go something like this:

  • Down the midline of the buttocks, a (typically) 3 inch incision will be made, and a pocket will be created for the implant.
  • Implants can be positioned either above or beneath the muscle and customized to the size you wish.
  • Your muscles will form scar tissue around your solid silicone implant, keeping it in place.

After Effects

Butt augmentations require general anesthesia and can be the cause of some post-operative pain because of the stretching of tissues in the area. Wearing a compression garment after surgery and staying off your backside will help with any side effects, and antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs will help with the recovery process, as well.

Make the Call

Implants aren’t just for women, and cosmetic surgery isn’t just a girl thing anymore. Thousands upon thousands of men are taking advantage of what implants can do to their physique. Make the call to a board certified cosmetic surgeon like Miami Plastic Surgeons Dr. Moises Salama and Dr. Rami Ghurani  today.  Leave all the work up to him, and enjoy the secret of how you got your muscular butt. All you have to focus on right now is your new look and how easy it is to achieve.

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