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Summary: Many people start thinking about breast augmentation by wondering, how can you get a natural looking boob job? That’s because most plastic surgery patients don’t want results that draw attention to themselves. They want results that blend in with the rest of the body. Is that even possible with something like breast augmentation? More and more surgeons are offering natural looking breast augmentation results, in large part because new technologies, techniques, and devices allow surgeons to offer what patients are demanding.

How Can You Get a Natural Looking Boob Job?

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, you’ve probably had this thought: how can you get a natural looking boob job? These days, it’s the “natural” results that are in fashion–larger breasts that look and feel as though they are your own. This can be challenging to achieve, of course, but modern surgeons have made great strides in making those natural looking breast augmentation results a real thing.

In part, that’s because most patients who want plastic surgery–of any kind–don’t necessarily want to draw attention to the procedure itself. They just want people to notice how good they look!

There are several tactics that both surgeons and patients employ in order to achieve the best breast augmentation results possible. Patients who want natural-looking results need to weigh several options, from implant type, to implant size, to incisions and techniques. In other words, there are a few different ways that plastic surgeons are now able to achieve a much more natural looking boob job than they used to. And that’s only been good news for patients.

Can You Select a Natural Implant?

In the old days, breast augmentation procedures were performed with unflattering silicone or saline implants. Those implants have come a long way in the last ten or twenty years. Modern silicone implants are actually quite natural looking and feeling. They go by the name of “gummy bear implants” these days.

Indeed, most plastic surgeons will opt for silicone implants in large part because they look and feel very natural while also being quite durable. Saline implants are used only in certain circumstances–they don’t look and they don’t feel quite like natural breasts. That’s why, for most patients, silicone is the implant of choice for natural looking breast augmentation results.

A Surprising Third Choice

There is, however, a third choice of implant that some patients will opt for–and it’s relative newcomer to the stage. That implant choice is fat. Using techniques popularized by the Brazilian Butt Lift, the Fat Graft breast augmentation uses your body’s own fat to create the implant material. This fat is removed from your body using liposuction, purified, and then injected into the breasts. The results are not quite as reliable as a silicone implant (it’s not always immediately clear how much of the fat will take to its new home), but there is no implant material that looks or feels more natural.

Deciding on Your Implant Size

Once you’ve chosen the implant that will optimize your natural-looking results, it’s time to select an implant size that will do the same. This can be a challenging process for patients because they have to balance multiple objectives:

  • Some patients want implants to be as large as possible; balancing that against a natural look can sometimes be challenging
  • Sometimes the “natural” look is also difficult to anticipate because patients have a hard time imagining the results of the procedure; multiple methods of visualization can help with this
  • What looks natural as a final result is going to change from patient to patient, so there isn’t a universal checklist that all patients can simply look at to make decisions
  • Decisions regarding the texture and position of the breast implant will also impact how natural the final results will look

It’s not universally true to say that smaller implants are going to look more natural. However, it’s important to keep in mind that one of the ways to achieve a “natural-looking” result is to make relatively subtle changes. Let’s break it down like this:

  • If you want the results to look natural to the general public, you have a wide range of options in terms of possible implant sizes
  • If you want those results to look natural to your friends and family–people who know you well–it will likely work better to stay within a certain zone of changes; if you increase your bust size by too much, your friends and family will certainly notice something is different (although they might not immediately jump to the conclusion that you had plastic surgery).

The Primary Audience is You

The most important thing to keep in mind throughout all of this, is that the one person who you want to impress the most is, simply, you. So you should only pursue these natural results if that’s what is important to you. After all, you’re the one that is going to look at those breast augmentation results every day. But natural results are popular for a reason. How can you get a natural looking boob job? It depends on where you’re starting from–but talking to your surgeon is never a bad first step.

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