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how can you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

Summary: If you’re sick of looking tired, you might be wondering how you can get rid of dark circles under the eye without having to undergo surgery. That’s understandable. Dark circles can make you look more tired and little older than you might feel. Getting rid of them can have the opposite effect: it can help you look more youthful and more energized.

The Scourge of Dark Circles

When you go through another sleepless night, sometimes it’s all you can do to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. And it’s hard to blame you: those dark circles are an indication that you aren’t well rested. In those situations, however, dark circles are kind of understandable—and most people don’t have a huge issue with them, as they will gradually go away on their own.

It’s the permanent dark circles that tend to give people a little bit of pause—that tend to get them worked up. After all, permanent dark circles are considered to be a sign of aging. It’s not that you’re tired, it’s that you’re old. And when you do get a sleepless night, the lines and wrinkles around your eyes can exacerbate those dark circles, making them look even more pronounced.

Thankfully, there are several solutions that you can employ to get rid of those dark circles, whether you’re fatigued or showing the signs of (premature) aging.

What Are Dark Circles and How Do They Form?

Much as it might pain us to write this, we can’t lie: dark circles under the eyes are pretty natural. The ones that form due to fatigue are a simple function of your body displaying how tired it is. You can go back to sleep (or find some time to sleep) and fix that right up. That’s because sleep has an amazing restorative effect on the human body—seriously! Don’t miss out on sleep if you can help it.

However, dark circles can be caused by a variety of issues other than, simply, loss of sleep. In most cases, it’s primarily in your genes. See, the thickness and radiance of your skin has a huge impact on how the blood beneath is seen. Your eyes, being incredibly important organs, are surrounded by significant blood vessels.

When your skin is thin enough, these blood vessels become visible. But you don’t get red circles around your eyes because the wavelength of light that can escape from beneath your skin is hampered by, well, your skin. So it just looks dark. Sometimes it can look dark blue (kind of like a bruise).

Why Are Dark Circles Considered a Sign of Aging

Traditionally, dark circles under the eyes get worse as you age for two reasons:

  • Excess Wrinkles: As you age, you tend to develop more wrinkles (for a variety of reasons that we won’t really go into here). These wrinkles in and of themselves don’t really cause dark circles; however, wrinkles and lines can and do increase the number of shadows that grace your face. Those shadows, obviously, can make the area beneath your eyes appear darker than you’d like. In some cases, this can be remedied by a blepharoplasty procedure of some kind (there are, indeed, many types of blepharoplasty).
  • Thinning Skin: As you age, your skin tends to stretch out. That’s what causes excess skin in the first place. But as it stretches, it also thins. This means that more light can penetrate the area beneath your eyes, and more light means darker circles. Thinning skin is one of the primary reasons people tend to develop darker circles beneath the eyes as they age. To be sure, sometimes it’s purely genetic and patients have had dark circles since they were young. It’s imply that the natural aging process tends to exacerbate issues that are already there or create new ones where those issues did not already exist.

The Solution for Thin Skin Around the Eyes

There’s no real way to thicken the actual skin around the eyes (with the exception, perhaps of surgery). Many patients are looking for a non surgical way to deal with these dark circles, and that’s where something like a dermal filler comes in.

Originally developed in order to add volume to the face—and thus eliminate wrinkles—dermal fillers are a great way to address dark circles under the eyes. In most cases, you’re going to want to be careful about which dermal filler you select to treat your dark circles and use the one that will address the root cause of the problem (for example, tear trough treatment will require a different filler than standard dark circles).

However, there are some dermal fillers that are usually associated with treatment of dark circles under the eyes. Those fillers include the following:

The trick with using fillers under the eyes is getting a result that look both natural and effective. In order to do this, a filler that has a finer molecular size is sometimes desirable. However, based on your own personal physiology, you might require something that consists of larger molecules. In most cases, whichever filler you elect to go with will be hyaluronic acid-based because of its ability to deliver natural-looking results in a safe and effective way.

The Benefits of Using Dermal Fillers Around the Eyes

Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes with dermal filler injections usually only requires a relatively quick appointment at your local medical spa or cosmetic surgeon. Most injections take only fifteen minutes or so to complete. And the results will last anywhere from six to eighteen to twenty-four months depending on the filler you select and the exact placement of the injection.

If patients like the end results, then it’s a relatively simple matter to schedule regular maintenance injections at intervals that will allow you to keep those results. And there are certainly benefits for keeping those results. Indeed, some of the benefits of using injectables to make your eyes appear more alert and more youthful include the following:

  • Other people will perceive you as being more rested
  • Others might also perceive you as being friendlier or more alert
  • Patients generally look younger after these injections
  • Patients report a rise in confidence and self-esteem after getting rid of dark circles
  • Many patients no longer feel self-conscious about the way their eyes look
  • The eyes themselves will look more vibrant, energized, and alert

That all of these benefits are accomplished with basically no downtime is one of the reasons these procedures tend to be so exceptionally popular. Injectable fillers are a great way to start loving your reflection again if you’re tired of seeing those dark circles staring back at you. You don’t have to look more fatigued than you feel—and you don’t have to look more aged than you feel.

To learn more about what a dermal filler can do to mitigate your under-eyelid circles, contact your local plastic or cosmetic surgeon about what some call a “non surgical blepharoplasty.” It’s a great way for some patients to look younger and more energized! In other words, you can say goodbye to the dark circles under your eye.

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