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It’s an all-too-familiar scenario played out on Monday mornings in offices all across the county. The casual conversations and the polite exchanges among co-workers usually include some variation of the question, “So, what did you do this weekend?” Usually, weekends wind up consumed by a flurry of errands and events, and the really big things get pushed to the backburner because, honestly, 48 hours isn’t enough time to address the big life changes we’d like to make.

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But what if it was enough time? What if that big thing you’d been meaning to do — like get the breast augmentation surgery you always wanted — was not only doable, but that you’d be back at your desk on Monday morning and none of your co-workers would be any wiser? That’s exactly how it was for a 29-year-old woman who recently had breast augmentation with Dr.Repta, a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale.

The Right Doctor for the Right Results

Usually, a woman spends years thinking about how breast augmentation surgery will change her life for the better, and then she’s ready to select a doctor, a key to achieving the best results. This patient said, “After my initial consultation, I felt immediately at ease and confident that Dr. Repta was the artist/physician for me.” The next step was working together to come up with the right procedure plan. “After several patient consultations, we mutually came to an agreement on the best strategy to help me achieve my goals.”

A Natural Look

Gone are the days when plastic surgery had to be kept secret. But even though Americans overwhelmingly approve of improving their appearance through cosmetic surgery, the majority of women who have breast augmentation do so to enhance their appearance, and they want the results to look natural. The 29-year-old said that was her goal, and her doctor made it happen. “If you saw me on the street, you’d never know I had any ‘work’ done.” Achieving natural results is not only dependent on the skills and artistry of the surgeon, but also on the type of implants. The new “gummy bear” silicone implants feel and look like natural breast tissue. In fact, if you pinched a gummy bear candy, that’s what the implants feel like. The implants are also formed with a stable silicone, so they won’t leak if they’re accidently ruptured.

Little to No DownTime

It may seem a tall order to have breast augmentation on a Friday and be back at work on a Monday, but that was what it was like for Dr. Repta’s patient. “I had my operation on a Friday, was out and about on Saturday, and returned to work on the following Monday.” Not only was there little downtime, but she also had very little pain. “I experienced very minimal discomfort and never had the need for a prescription painkiller.” Of course, you’ll still need to follow certain restrictions and avoid heavy lifting as your body heals.

Only You’ll Know What’s Different

Breast augmentation surgery does more than just improve how you look in your clothes. Among women who have had breast augmentation, 92% report a boost in self-esteem, so while you will likely carry yourself with more confidence, most people won’t be able to tell what’s different about you. That was certainly the case for Dr. Repta’s patient. “The most rewarding experience for me was that while co-workers commented on how good I looked, everyone was hard-pressed to put their finger on the change in my appearance.”

So, What Are You Doing This Weekend

As time goes by, more and more women acknowledge they’d be interested in breast augmentation. Knowing that they could have the procedure done on a Friday and be back at work on a Monday — looking natural and feeling better — could change a lot of weekend plans.

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