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what does a plastic surgery clinic look like?

Summary: We usually think about plastic surgery as something almost exclusively for celebrities. But there are plenty of careers where a little bit of plastic surgery might go a long way. And while many of these careers have a public-facing element, not all of them do. In fact, some of these careers might surprise you.

Careers Improved by Plastic Surgery

That patients use plastic surgery procedures to look better and improve both confidence and self-esteem is no surprise. In fact, this is a great way to feel good about the way you look, especially when you have trouble changing your body on your own. However, looking good isn’t the only reason that people get plastic surgery. At least, not totally.

To be sure, looking good is the primary reason why anyone would get plastic surgery—to improve their aesthetic looks. That is the primary purpose of aesthetic plastic surgery. However, that’s not to say that some patients don’t have other concerns as well. Many people, for example, get plastic surgery because of the careers they’re in.

This might seem a bit odd. Certainly, I’m talking about celebrities and movie stars only, right? While it’s definitely true that Hollywood A list celebs get plastic surgery in order to protect their careers in a notoriously shallow industry, they aren’t the only ones.

In fact, we’re going to take a look at some careers where large numbers of patients seem to be itching to get plastic surgery.

Political Careers

It used to be that politicians were mostly featured in newspapers and magazines. Thanks to the ubiquity of cell phone video, YouTube, and twenty-four hour news channels, politicians now seem to be on camera basically all the time. Even local politicians find themselves on television quite often.

And with the camera comes some pressure. Anyone who goes in front of the camera knows of this pressure—and for politicians, looking old and tired can mean you lose your job in the long run. So it’s no wonder that many politicians seek out a highly qualified Washington D.C. cosmetic surgeon to take a few years off the face.

That’s one of the important things to note for politicians, especially—they want results that will look natural. Because the only thing worse than looking tired and fatigued is looking like you spend too much time worrying about how you look (it’s tough for politicians that way).


Believe it or not, teachers are also quite commonly patients of plastic surgery. The reason is not terribly different from the reason both celebrities and politicians give: teachers spend a large percentage of their day in front of people. If you think about it, teachers are performing all day long.

And with that performance, there can come a great deal of pressure to look good. The better some people look, the more confident they are, the better the performance. For teachers who find themselves feeling self-conscious about their bodies or looks, plastic surgery can be an effective way to feel better about the way you look—and thus, more effective in your career!

Again, it’s not a solution for everyone—and I certainly don’t mean to imply that all teachers should get plastic surgery. What I’m saying is that for some patients, it will be the answer.

Professional Athletes

Pro sports can be tough on the body. That’s why it’s not uncommon for professional (and even college and high school athletes) to get plastic surgery. In many cases, this means rhinoplasty (broken or fractured noses are quite common in the more confrontational sports out there). Many patients want to return to a more “normal” aesthetic once the threat of getting their nose kicked in has passed.

That’s why many plastic surgeons routinely perform procedures for current or former professional athletes. To be sure, the nose isn’t the only place where such changes—and traumas—can be made. Plastic surgeons are capable of helping to reconstruct and repair a wide variety of physical issues caused by professional sports.

Great for Any Career

Plastic surgery can, frankly, be great for any career. There are plenty of articles out there about patients who have gotten this procedure or that in order to give them a boost of confidence before a job interview or promotion request. To be sure, it’s not for everyone; some people have amazing confidence and self esteem no matter.

And to be honest, we’re a little jealous of those people! But for some, plastic surgery is a way to feel like yourself in your own body. And that means confidence, self-esteem—and maybe even some exceptionalism.

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