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no painless tummy tuck

Summary: You could be forgiving for wondering if there is a painless tummy tuck procedure out there. Tummy tucks do have a certain reputation for post-operative discomfort. The problem is that the “painless” tummy tuck alternatives don’t seem to deliver …

where is plastic surgery the most popular?

Summary: With roots as old as plastic surgery itself, you aren’t alone in wondering what is body contouring in 2017? What makes body contouring today different from liposuction of thirty years ago? The answer depends largely on the results from …

should you keep your breast implants?

Summary: Your liposuction recovery period is an exceptionally important time when it comes to ensuring your overall results. These liposuction recovery tips can help you get through this period. The idea is that the faster you recover from liposuction, the …

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