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Summary: All of these tabloid reports have us wondering, did Catherine Zeta Jones get a facelift? According to some recent images of the actress, it’s entirely possible she did and entirely possible she didn’t. Jones hasn’t confirmed getting a procedure, and it’s difficult to take a guess with any kind of accuracy. That said, there are definitely a few things we can learn from the speculation.

Did Catherine Zeta Jones Get a Facelift?

After her most recent public appearance, many of the celebrity’s fans have been asking: did Catherine Zeta Jones get a facelift? At first, the evidence might seem compelling. According to news reports, Jones appeared at the Best FIFA Football Awards in London (for those who don’t know, the European use of the word “football” translates to American soccer—it does not reference the American football sport).

When Jones, a surprise guest, revealed herself, many people noticed a certain tightness in her face. She looked more youthful, but the skin looked tenser. And, logically or not, many celebrity columnists and fans alike attributed this change in look to plastic surgery.

Sure, these changes are consistent with a facelift procedure. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, does it? Did Catherine Zeta Jones get a facelift? Or is something else going on? Obviously, the answers are no one’s business but Jones’s. But that’s why we’re going to try to learn a little something about facelifts in the process here.

The Signs of a Facelift

A big part of the case that Catherine Zeta Jones may have gotten a facelift has to do with the way that she looks. I know that’s kind of a “duh” statement. But here’s what I mean by that: a facelift is designed to look natural, but it can leave several telltale signatures.

One of those signatures is a “tighter” looking face. Or, at least, it can be. Modern facelift procedures have gotten a lot better in recent years, so you don’t necessarily always see that “tightening” effect. Instead, the skin will just look more or less naturally rejuvenated—that is, there will be fewer lines and wrinkles.

The fact that there’s ambiguity around whether Jones did or did not get plastic surgery suggests that—if indeed she underwent a procedure—the results were quite good!

What Does a Facelift Deliver?

In general, a facelift is going to be able to eliminate lines and wrinkles in a relatively subtle way. Modern facelifts often tend to be quite effective in this way, targeting one area of the face or another. During the procedure itself, your surgeon will eliminate excess skin and fat from the face. The result is a diminishing of wrinkles and lines—a face that looks more youthful in a modestly natural way.

Why Does it Matter if Jones Got a Facelift?

Ultimately, this is what we struggle with every time a celebrity undergoes a plastic surgery procedure of some kind. Catherine Zeta Jones may or may not have had a facelift procedure. It’s very difficult to tell, especially because when most people see Jones, it’s in a film (and people in film are almost always wearing a significant amount of makeup).

Jones is entitled to privacy and, essentially, to get plastic surgery without telling anyone. She’s on the record as not being against plastic surgery, saying in interviews that if she wanted it at some point she would get it. But she’s definitely entitled to the same right to privacy that all other plastic surgery patients are. She doesn’t have to disclose just because she’s a celebrity.

And it’s almost a useful topic to discuss specifically because of that. Most plastic surgery patients are not searching for results that will be incredibly obvious. Indeed, the vast majority of plastic surgery patients are trying to achieve results that will look natural when compared to the rest of their body. Or, put another way, most patients are looking for the exact type of results that keep people guessing, just as we are with Catherine Zeta Jones.

No Way of Knowing

There’s really no way of knowing whether Catherine Zeta Jones got plastic surgery or not. She might have gotten a facelift. She might be wearing makeup. Maybe it was the lighting. And Jones is entitled to maintain that ambiguity for as long as she wants to (just as any other plastic surgery patient would be entitled to that).

But hopefully you’ve learned a little bit about facelift procedures. We have this cliché, in our cultural consciousness, of facelifts as creating a kind of mask across the face. And maybe that’s what they looked like once.

But modern facelift results can produce an incredibly natural looking result. In fact, most people won’t even know you’ve had work done. Just as Catherine Zeta Jones. Did Catherine Zeta Jones get a facelift? Maybe, maybe not. And hopefully that’s the same kind of ambiguity you’ll be able to enjoy after your own facelift—where people aren’t sure you’ve had work done, they’re just sure you look good.

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