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how long will your breast augmentation last

Summary: There are many reasons why the results of a plastic surgery procedure might not be what you were expecting. But one of those factors is something that no one can control: time.

What Causes Breast Implant Revisions for Patients?

We tend to think of plastic surgery procedures as, basically, forever. And in many ways, they are. If you get a facelift, those results will likely last for a good long time. They are effectively permanent. But aging, of course, will still take place. You’ve just set the clock back a little bit (or a lot bit). But, eventually, you’ll develop wrinkles again.

So maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that the same is somewhat true of breast augmentation procedures. In most cases, breast implants are not kept in the body indefinitely. Eventually, the implants are removed or replaced. There are many reasons why this might happen.

In fact, when it comes to what causes breast implant revisions, there’s a staggering amount of reasons a patient might opt for this procedure.

The Primary Cause: The Shelf Life of a Breast Implant

Among the primary causes of any type of breast implant revision surgery is the implant itself. This is not to suggest that the breast implant may be defective in any way. Rather, breast implants—whether saline or silicone—have an expected shelf life.

According to the FDA, silicone breast implants (the most popular implant type) have an expected shelf life of approximately fifteen years. Now, many implants will actually last significantly longer. But the FDA won’t guarantee them any longer than that.

This means that there will likely come a point where most women will simply opt to have the breast implant removed. Of course, the shelf life of the implant is not the only reason that might happen.

Changing Tastes with Changing Years

The other thing that happens is that, as patients get older, their tastes change as well. Or, thinking about it another way: when you’re young you want larger breasts, but as you age you might realize that larger breasts don’t really fit your style any more.

In those cases, women generally have two options:

  • Revise the implant to a smaller size. Many women (for a wide variety of reasons) don’t necessarily want to go back to their organize size. Instead, they opt to have a small breast implant placed where the larger one used to be.
  • Revise the implant by removing it. In these cases, the implant is removed completely and the breasts are allowed to return to their natural size. Due to the changes in the breast because of the implant, a breast lift or breast reduction is often performed as well.

Both options are pretty popular with patients, and the end result will generally depend on personal preference. The nice thing is that whatever your preference is, you’ll have an option.

The Rarest Cause: Defective Implants

The rarest cause of breast implant revision is that the implant is itself somehow defective. This can manifest in several ways. With silicone or saline breast implants there can sometimes be a rupture (although, with silicone implants that rupture often causes no actual issues and patients will never know).

If taken care of in a timely way, ruptures can be deal with quite effectively and efficiently. There are other cases where the breast augmentation procedure was not performed by a highly qualified surgeon (or a qualified at all surgeon). In those cases, breast surgeons such as Dr. Charles Polsen in Houston, often have to repair the damage and replace the implant.

That’s why it’s important to always seek treatment from a highly qualified plastic surgeon. Find surgeons who don’t cut corners, even if you have to pay a little more out of pocket for those results. Trust us (and your surgeon) when we tell you that it’s worth it to have your breast augmentation performed by a highly qualified individual.

Being Happy With Your Body—At Any Age

A breast augmentation procedure is about getting happy with your body. A breast augmentation revision of any kind is usually about staying happy with your procedure. This could be because there’s an issue with the implant or it could be because your own personal taste changes over time.

Whatever the case, it’s important that you are comfortable in your own skin. And your expectations about what that means could likely change over time. So if you are no longer happy with your breast implants, it’s okay to change them. To talk more about a breast augmentation revision procedure, be sure to visit a surgeon in your area to start a conversation.

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