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Summary: A wave of reality TV stars are speaking freely about their rhinoplasty procedures, opening the door for women to be upfront and honest about cosmetic surgery once and for all!

Honesty is the Best Policy

Being honest about your cosmetic surgery is something that many women are beginning to embrace. Plastic surgery procedures used to have a stigma surrounding them- they were seen as something that should have subtle results and not be discussed freely- but with a current wave of celebrities being out and proud regarding their rhinoplasty procedures, it seems that the days of being shy about your surgery are coming to an end. We all have our reasons for wanting to improve our appearance. If you are considering cosmetic surgery to your nose, take a page from the following ladies and embrace your procedure!

A Teen Mom’s New Nose

Most recently in the news for her rhinoplasty procedure is Farrah Abraham, of Teen Mom fame. Farrah is 21, and reportedly spent $16,000 on her nose job. Quoted as saying “I finally feel beautiful,” the young star represents one of the most growing demographics of customers seeking out rhinoplasty: young adults. Because of her willingness to be straight forward about the work that she has done, there is no doubt that Farrah’s nose job will influence the girls in her age group to find out more information on the surgery. If you are considering a rhinoplasty yourself, it is so important to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of and the more open and honest you are with your doctors and yourself, the better the results of your procedure will be.

Rhinoplasty for a Famous House Wife

Another celebrity drawing attention to rhinoplasty is Kim Richards from the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills. Kim is taking her pride for her cosmetic procedure to a whole new level by televising her rhinoplasty on the new season of RHOBH. Several women on the show have undergone cosmetic surgery and have been vocal about their procedures, but Richards allowed cameras into the operating room and will show everything during Season 3 of her show (including doctors breaking her nose!) Kim Richards, like Farrah Abraham, is just one of several stars letting the world know about her amazing transformation.

A Procedure with Endless Benefits

There are a million different reasons people decide to undergo cosmetic surgery. When it comes to rhinoplasty specifically, one of the major reasons for the surgery is because the nose is the central part of the face and typically the first thing people notice. Other reasons to undergo nose surgery may be:

  • To create facial symmetry
  • To improve shape
  • To improve size
  • To remove bumps or crookedness
  • To correct birth defects
  • To improve breathing difficulties
  • What Your Nose Needs to Know

Rhinoplasty can have some pretty dramatic results. If you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure, make sure that you do the research. The more information you have at your disposal, the better your chances are at achieving successful results. Talking to your doctor about all of your questions and concerns is critical. Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice that everyone needs to make for themselves. Don’t let other people’s opinions convince you not to do it- take a cue from reality stars Farrah Abraham and Kim Richards and be proud of your rhinoplasty!

If rhinoplasty seems like a procedure you are interested to learn more about we suggest consulting Dr. Mashkevich – a Manhattan plastic surgeon who specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery procedures like Rhinoplasty.

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