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Summary: As we age, there are many things about us that change. Perhaps most noticeably, our hair becomes gray and we get wrinkles. (It also becomes harder to get out of bed in the morning, thank you creaking bones.) But we change on the inside. For example, your plastic surgery opinions may change. And you wouldn’t be alone with these changing plastic surgery opinions. It seems there are celebrities who swear off plastic surgery but then turn to it as they get a bit older and see the wrinkles in the mirror. We shouldn’t blame them for that, however—it happens to everybody.

changing plastic surgery opinions

Celebrities and Changing Plastic Surgery Opinions

So, here’s the question: how do we react when celebrities who have formerly forsworn plastic surgery—who seem to dislike the very notion of—then get plastic surgery? It’s an interesting question, because it’s so tempting to point out some hypocrisy. It’s tempting to use that as more evidence of how flaky celebrities can be, how they don’t mean anything they say. But to do all of that, you’d have to ignore one simple fact: people change. At the end of the day, whether or not to get plastic surgery isn’t a deeply held conviction for most people: it’s a decision they make based on what they see in the mirror every morning. As we age, that reflection changes so to does some of the calculus that goes into making that plastic surgery decision.

So when rumors start swirling that Beyonce has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure, that her nose is more slender than it used to be, more “perfect,” I think we have to hold back a bit. This is true even though Beyonce herself has had some pointed words against plastic surgery in general. Because here’s the deal: your age (not to mention your life experience) has a lot to do with how you view plastic surgery in general.

Plastic Surgery When You’re Young

Plastic surgery when you’re young is about enhancing the way you look in some very specific ways. It’s more about augmentation than rejuvenation. Among young women, especially, breast augmentation and butt augmentation procedures are exceptionally popular. Patients want to enhance the way that they look or change the way they look to fit a certain image: one of a certain proportion. Indeed, many women who go in for a breast augmentation do so because they want their hips and bust to be of a certain ratio to each other. After all, that’s how most clothes are tailored. In the eyes of a younger patient, plastic surgery is, as we said, about enhancement.

Plastic Surgery as You Age

In the eyes of older patients, however, that’s not quite the case. In the eyes of older patients, plastic surgery is often about rejuvenation. It’s about maintenance. That doesn’t mean that older patients never receive breast augmentation or butt lift procedures. It simply means that when they pursue these procedures, they’re more likely to request the bust (or buns) size of their youth rather than something a bit more exaggerated. This helps men and women feel as though they’re holding back the clock, in a manner of speaking. Many people, when they look in the mirror, are shocked by how old they look. Not because they’re surprised that time passes, but rather because they don’t feel that old.

Different Procedures for Different Patients

Of course, that’s what plastic surgery for older and younger crowds have in common: an alignment of the inner and outer self. It might sound kind of odd (especially if you think about it too much), but we all have a kind of mental image of what we should (or think we should) look like. Sometimes, there’s a great deal of happiness or contentment (at the very least, satisfaction) that can be found when those two match up.

But how you accomplish that changes as you grow older. So, too, does your attitude on aging more generally. It could be that Beyonce had some very good reasons for her rhinoplasty surgery. It’s even possible she had surgery to repair a deviated septum and that may account for her new nose look. In any case, if she hasn’t made any kind of public announcement, she’s not particularly interested in talking about it publicly, and that’s something we should respect. However, it does give us an opportunity to think about the ways our own attitudes about plastic surgery may or may not change.

Using Plastic Surgery to Get What You Want

For example, as you grow older, you may find yourself considering Botox or dermal fillers when, before, you hadn’t. Just as you may find yourself considering hair dyes when you were a bit on the younger side (or, at least, dyes that would cover up grey hair), you might have thought rather unflatteringly about plastic surgery. But time has a way of altering those opinions.

Because we all want to like what we see in the mirror. Diet and exercise are both ways of making sure that happens—but they can’t turn back the clock. Plastic surgery can make you look more youthful, more rejuvenated. It can make it look as though you’ve turned back the clock. And that’s very appealing for a wide variety of people. And it’s something that, whether you’re looking for a breast augmentation in Clear Lake, TX or a nose job in Hollywood, you should be able to have.

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