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Summary: Chin implants are hot in Hollywood right now, and famous faces that have been enhanced with implants cannot keep quiet about plastic surgery’s fastest growing trend.

Famous Faces Tell Us What’s Hot

Chin implants are still the hot procedure of 2013, and more and more celebrities are getting on board with the trend. Known by the cheeky nickname “chinplants,” implants to the chin help bring balance and symmetry to the face, and can even give you a thinner, more sculpted jawline. Predominant chins are appearing on the faces of some of our favorite celebs. Because our favorite Hollywood stars are in the spotlight constantly, it’s only natural that they understand best which procedures are the must-haves. For anyone looking to change the contour and shape of their profile, take a page from the famous faces playbook.

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Celebs Showing Chinplant Love

When it comes to cosmetic surgery in Hollywood, often times the claims of who has had surgery are simply rumors. However, when it comes to chin implants it seems more and more famous ladies are coming forward to sing praises for the procedure. Implants enhance many areas of the body, and when the results are so amazing it’s hard for women not to want to shout their experience from the rooftops!

One of the most famous cases of plastic surgery in the last few years is definitely reality star Heidi Montag. Even though she has publically come out as saying that she regrets many of her 27 procedures, she has nothing bad to say about her chin implants, even referring to her chin makeover as her “favorite.” Other celebrities who have sculpted their chin with implants include:

  • Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin
  • Reality TV Housewife Vicki Gunvalson
  • Teen Mom Farrah Abraham
  • Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton
  • Mogul and Designer Ivanka Trump
  • Many Others!

What’s in a Name?

The “chinplant” or  phenomenon refers to a technique that uses small implants to enhance the shape of the chin making it appear more predominant. Dr. Mashkevich from Modern Contours in New York City is one of the more popular facial plastic surgeons offering chinplants or chin augmentation in Manhattan. A sturdy jawline has been a sign of strength and courage for centuries, and it is for this reason that many believe celebrity women are on board with this trend. A simple procedure that includes an incision that is easy to cover, chin implant surgeries require minimal downtime for something that makes such a large impact on your appearance. The American Society of Plastic Surgery reports that chinplants are the fastest growing cosmetic procedure, and because so many patients have experienced such amazing results, chances are this trend has no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Jumping On Board

Mentoplasty or genioplasty are specific medical terms for reducing or enhancing your chin, but if you ask your doctor for chinplants he will definitely know what you’re referring to! Understanding how much of a change chin implants can have on your look will get you excited for the options in front of you. If you are curious in learning more about how chin implants can enhance your apperance, speak with a board certified surgeon today. Strong, well defined jawlines aren’t just for famous faces, and you have every right to express yourself with a fantastic new chin!

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