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Summary: There are plenty of reasons to get plastic surgery. First and foremost, plastic surgery changes the way you look. Sometimes patients undergo this for cosmetic reasons and sometimes for reconstructive reasons. Either way, these reasons tend to be quite personal. It’s not something we go shouting down the street. That’s not true for celebrities, and, unfortunately, Australian rapper is Iggy Azalea is figuring this out. She just admitted to having a rhinoplasty procedure—an admission that is only necessary because many did not respect her right to privacy. In recent interviews she stressed how getting plastic surgery for yourself is the only motivation that really matters.

getting plastic surgery for yourself

Getting Plastic Surgery for Yourself

It seems like Iggy Azalea can’t catch a break. When most people undergo a plastic surgery procedure, it’s a pretty private affair. Most plastic surgeons, after all, advertise “confidential” consultations. Part of that confidentiality comes from the same kind of confidentiality you can expect from any physician—it’s the ethical thing to do. But that confidentiality is advertised because many people like to keep their plastic surgery procedures on the down-low. They don’t want anyone knowing about them, necessarily. Sure, you might tell your friends and family, but it’s not like you’re going to send out an office memo about your breast augmentation procedure. Not only would that be unexpected, it would be rather uncouth.

Celebrities don’t always have that luxury. Lately, Iggy Azalea was completely up front about her recent breast augmentation procedure. She noted that the main reason she underwent the procedure was to improve her proportions. She complained that, before her breast augmentation, she had to stuff her bras with padding in order to bring her chest proportions into alignment with the rest of her body (particularly her hips). Azalea, an Australian-born rapper, made no attempt to hide her breast augmentation from the world and actually spoke about it in a way that I would classify as intellectual, rational, and articulate.

Admitting to a Nose Job, Even Though She Shouldn’t Have To

But that’s not what she did with her most recent rhinoplasty procedure. Now, to be sure, Azalea has absolutely no responsibility to fill us in on her private plastic surgery procedures. She doesn’t have to tell anyone anything. And the fact that she, at first, denied having the procedure done is entirely understandable. It’s a personal matter, and not something that her adoring fans would really care about. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop a whole slew of people from speculating on the nature of Azalea’s nose. Even we talked about it (though we simply used it as a springboard to discuss nose procedure options, including some subtle options).

Now, however, Azalea has admitted that she had undergone a nose job procedure, saying now that denying it is “lame.” But it’s important to point out that she isn’t using herself as a kind of advertising billboard for plastic surgery (as much as some plastic surgeons would want her to do so). Rather, Azalea is urging caution. She talks (again, rather articulately) about her own body image, and about how that body image has changed over the years, leading to her desire for rhinoplasty (and breast augmentation, as well). So, now Azalea has admitted to having a rhinoplasty and to her own changing impressions of how her body looks.

In Many Ways, Plastic Surgery is a Private Event

To be completely fair, I don’t think anyone (celebrity or not) should ever have to do this in public. It’s just not particularly nice, and these are deeply personal journeys. Indeed, part of what Azalea is saying is this: the decision to get plastic surgery is personal. It’s rooted in one’s body image. It’s rooted in how we feel about how we look. And, ultimately, that’s an incredibly personal thing. This also means that only you should ever really have much to say about whether or not you get plastic surgery. You shouldn’t feel pressured by what the media says beautiful is—that seems to be the particularly potent subtext of Azalea’s comments.

But nor can we ignore how being out in public makes us feel. Azalea, in particular, has a vocation that requires her to perform in front of huge numbers of people. It’s hard to blame her for being a little self-conscious about the way her nose looks. And it’s almost a guarantee that she did not pursue a nose job on a whim. According to the website of the Minneapolis rhinoplasty surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, rhinoplasty itself requires weeks of recovery. It’s not something that Azalea could have spontaneously allotted time for, given her rather hectic public schedule.

Using Plastic Surgery to Make Yourself Feel Good

But it’s not surprising that her new nose makes her feel pretty good. After all, that’s why people generally have plastic surgery: they want to feel really great about what they see in the mirror. With something like breast size or nose shape, that’s not something that disciplined eating or an exercise routine can help you take care of. In order to like your nose or like the size of your breasts, you may have to consider plastic surgery to get what you want. And that’s the emphasis, of course: what you want. Getting plastic surgery for yourself has always been the goal of surgeons. They want you to feel great. So if you’re interested in optimizing the way you feel about yourself, talk to your plastic surgeon today.

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