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Summary: Women tend to handle cosmetic surgery in one of two ways: either they are upfront and sing its praises from the roof tops, or, in Taylor Swift’s case, they keep us guessing.

Did She or Didn’t She

There are so many celebrities today that are talking about how great cosmetic surgery is to every tabloid that will listen (think Amanda Bynes, and reality star Heidi Montag.) Others, like songstress Taylor Swift, are a little more on the down low about whether or not they have undergone cosmetic enhancements. We can all learn something from every one of these celebs: when it comes to cosmetic surgery you have a choice… tell the whole world, or keep it to yourself.


Say Yes, Say No

There are pros and cons to talking about your cosmetic surgery publicly, just as there are pros and cons to keeping it hush hush. Celebrities in the limelight are often scrutinized for undergoing plastic surgery and so it isn’t hard to believe that innocent (well, until recently…) singer songwriter Taylor Swift would want to keep her rumored breast augmentation a secret. The star, who reportedly only went from an A-cup to a small B-cup, has not addressed any rumors that she has had any cosmetic surgery, likely to protect her image. For others, like Heidi Montag, discussing your cosmetic surgery can be a way to put yourself on the map. No matter how you choose to handle your surgeries, there is a celebrity role model for you.

Being Open with your Doctor

The one thing celebrities do have in common is that they were open with their board certified cosmetic surgeon. Whether you plan to show off your amazing new looks to the entire world, or try to keep the changes more discrete, it is critical that you are open and honest with your surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons are here to help you, and they aren’t judgmental like friends, family, and the media can be. Even Taylor Swift, who won’t admit to the public that she (may have) gone up only half a size with her breast augmentation was honest at one point with her surgeon. Communication is key when it comes to successful surgery, and it’s the one time in the whole process that disclosure is absolutely necessary.

Celebrities and their Surgeries

One of the most fun games we know we all play is the guessing game of “did they or didn’t they?” Celebrities like Taylor Swift who are discrete with their procedures leave us looking at the before and after pics and guessing for ourselves. Others, like the incredibly open Amanda Bynes, post videos and images to the web of their amazing transformations. Celebrities are constantly providing us with entertainment, but when it comes to cosmetic surgery they may be providing us with precedent, as well. Whether you want to take the quieter route like Taylor, or shout it from the roof tops like reality star Heidi Montag, there is plenty of celebrity inspiration for your new cosmetic surgery procedure.

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