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Summary: Rhinoplasty can be a scary procedure to consider, but once you understand just how popular of a surgery it is you can rest assured. Many of your favorite celebrities have elected to have their nose cosmetically altered and their results have been beautiful and contributed to their success.

You Are Not Alone

Many people fear cosmetic surgery because they only hear horror stories. There are millions of people every year who undergo cosmetic enhancement and are left with incredible, life changing positive results. You may feel like you aren’t exposed to those stories as often, but for several of these successes you don’t have to look any further than the silver screen. Your favorite celebrities are undergoing rhinoplasty in New York City and all over the world, and if you are considering the procedure yourself, you can rest assured that you are not alone. If you suffer from health complications because of your nose or you just want to look fabulous, there is definitely hope out there for you.

Famous Faces

More famous people have undergone a nasal cosmetic surgery than you can even imagine. Sometimes the results are dramatic, but other times they can be subtle and you’re not even sure the person has had work done. Their motivations are often times superficial, but in many scenarios a benefit of rhinoplasty can be to repair a deviated septum (making breathing and sleeping easier than ever before.) Below is a sample of some of the celebrities that have undergone procedures on their nose:

  • Victoria Beckham
  • Jennifer Aniston (deviated septum)
  • Tyra Banks (ethnic rhinoplasty)
  • Sarah Jessica Parker (rumored)
  • Keira Knightley
  • Cameron Diaz (on 4th nasal surgery)
  • Ashlee Simpson (deviated septum)
  • Blake Lively (rumored)
  • Janet Jackson (ethnic rhinoplasty)
  • Scarlett Johansson

These celebrities were stunning before their surgeries, and became even bigger knockouts afterwards. This is the attitude you should have: undergo your surgery to enhance your current look and be the best version of yourself, don’t try to look like someone else. Your new nose will impact your self-esteem greatly, but it shouldn’t be used as a quick fix for an issue that may be deeper than the surface.

The More You Know the Better

Understanding your rhinoplasty procedure will help to calm your nerves, as well. It is important that you ask your cosmetic surgeon lots of questions during your one on one consultation. If you have an idea of your desired post-op look, you can bring in pictures of celebrities to use as a guide and inspiration. (Note: you should not want to look just like these stars; you are only using them as a point of reference.) Often times having a visual representation of what you desire can help you and your surgeon fully understand your needs. Talking through the steps of the procedure, after care, expected recovery time, and any possible complications will give you the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for your nose.

Shine Like a Star

Hollywood loves rhinoplasty, and you have every right to experience the amazing results that many of your favorite famous faces have achieved through a nasal cosmetic surgery procedure. While your surgery is a major one with many factors to consider, you can rest assured knowing that you are one of hundreds of thousands of people every year who undergo cosmetic surgery and end up with a beautiful, red carpet worthy nose! Talk to your doctor today about your goals for a rhinoplasty procedure.

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