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Summary: When celebrities reveal Mommy Makeover details, we usually stop and pay attention. That’s because celebrities don’t reveal Mommy Makeovers all that often. It’s not that celebrities don’t get Mommy Makeovers. It’s just that they tend to be a little more secretive about the procedure than the rest of us. But there are (probably) reasons for that.

What Happens When Celebrities Reveal Mommy Makeover Results?

When celebrities reveal Mommy Makeover results before recovery is even complete, you can tell they’re excited about the results. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Shanna Moakler, a model and actress (not to mention reality television star) who has been showing off her results lately.

It all started on Instagram, where Moakler announced she was having liposuction and a tummy tuck. It’s not clear if she underwent the third part of the usual Mommy Makeover trifecta (a breast lift), but it’s possible Moakler doesn’t want to make those details public–so we aren’t going to pry.

One thing Moakler does say, however, is that she’s had three c-sections. Her Mommy Makeover surgeon, therefore, is spending a little bit of extra time on scar revision. And that’s definitely an option for mothers who are uncomfortable with any c-section scars they might have. That uniqueness is one of the defining characteristics of Mommy Makeover procedures, which can be changed suitably depending on the patient. This article is intended for entertainment purposes only, so if you have questions about Mommy Makeover, be sure to consult with your plastic surgeon to find out more about how this procedure could change your own body.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

We haven’t heard a lot about Mommy Makeover in celebrity circles, and I think there are several reasons for that. The first has to do with what a Mommy Makeover actually is. Essentially, this is a procedure that is a combination of several other procedures, usually liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast lift.

Specifically designed to combat the appearance of aging that’s associated with parenting, this procedure is particularly popular with, well, moms.

  • Tummy tuck addresses the excess tissue that forms around the belly thanks to pregnancy.
  • Liposuction tends to address stubborn areas of fat that begin to form due to changes in a woman’s body chemistry after childbirth (fat likes to stick around in a few more places).
  • Breast lift procedures are designed to mitigate the changes in the breasts that occur due to pregnancy and nursing.

Ultimately, these signs of aging are not restricted to mothers. Anyone can show these particular signs of aging (it all depends on your body). But the point is that these three signs of aging usually tend to show most pointedly (and, for some patients, prematurely) in mothers.

Why Don’t Celebrities Reveal Mommy Makeover More Often?

So if Mommy Makeovers are such great procedures, why don’t we hear about them more often? That’s a good question–and it’s certainly true that we don’t hear about celebrities and Mommy Makeovers as often as, say, we hear about celebrities and breast augmentation or nose job job procedures.

I think the reason has something to do with kids. Or, let’s put it this way: for women in Hollywood, motherhood can be a bad career move. This is changing, a little, but Hollywood tends to favor younger actresses. And motherhood can often be seen as something that ages an actress.

This isn’t to say that actresses and women celebrities don’t have children and don’t undergo Mommy Makeovers. It’s just that they aren’t as likely to announce or make public their surgery. (A male celebrity probably wouldn’t have to make such equivocations). But I think the point is not that these celebrity Mommy Makeover patients don’t exist. It’s just that they aren’t quite as public about things.

And that’s okay.

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for You?

You’re probably wondering, then, whether a Mommy Makeover is right for you. That happens whenever celebrities reveal Mommy Makeover or any other plastic surgery procedure–there’s often an uptick in popularity.

To find out if you can expect the same results as Shanna Moakler is showing off on her Instagram account, your best bet is to talk to a plastic surgeon in your area. Whether you’re looking for a Mommy Makeover in Houston or New York, you should be able to find a board certified plastic surgeon who is good with this procedure.

Mommy Makeover procedures are intended to deal with a wide variety of issues that patients are trying to solve. That means that, to a certain extent, you can customize your Mommy Makeover to address the signs of aging that are unique to your particular motherhood. To find out more, contact your local plastic surgeon.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about cosmetic and plastic surgery for nearly four years. This article was written in conjunction with the offices of Dr. Charles Polsen, a Houston area plastic surgeon and hand surgeon.

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