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Summary: Cosmetic surgery has always been influenced by famous faces, and 2012 is no different! Between their own personal procedures and the ones they are inspiring us to seek out- celebrities have a big impact on the world of plastic surgery!

California Girls (and Guys!)

Who doesn’t dream of living in Hollywood and being famous? Mingling with the elite on the red carpet, and don’t forget all the free swag! Our culture is obsessed with celebrity, and there is a pressure put on us to look our very best. Men and women flock to their cosmetic surgeons every year for little nips and tucks that are inspired by famous faces. The most gorgeous celebrities are undergoing cosmetic surgery, and it’s likely that you are following in their glamorous footsteps.

On Trend in 2012

The current craze sweeping the nation is by far the “chinplant.” Chin implants are hot for 2012, and the increase in this procedure’s popularity is insurmountable. The classics are also keeping up, though: liposuction and breast augmentation are still very popular among women, especially leading up to summer. For men, it’s all about looking younger and more confident- body contouring, Botox, and eyelid lifts are right on trend. Anyone who has been watching awards shows this year will see that famous women and men are taking advantage of cosmetic surgery in order to shine in front of the camera.

Celebrities Inspiring Change

Celebrities always have an influence when it comes to plastic surgery trends. Below is a list of just some of the famous men and women who have people flocking to their doctors:

  • The number one celebrity body part that has influenced cosmetic surgery in the last year has to be Pippa Middleton and her famous backside. Ever since the royal wedding, butt implants and body sculpting have seen a huge spike in popularity.
  • Mad Men isn’t just influencing the fashion world! January Jones’s is the proud owner of the most requested cheeks in Hollywood.
  • For lovers of Botox, Gwyneth Paltrow is frequently mentioned as a celebrity with flawless skin. Katy Perry and other youthful celebs are also starting to have an impact on the world of injectables.
  • Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are major influences in the world of cosmetic surgery, and male patients are constantly seeking out their noses, sculpted physiques, jaw lines, and foreheads.
  • Natalie Portman is gorgeous, and her whole face, and especially her nose, is requested in doctors’ offices around the world.
  • When it comes to the male physique, Mark Walberg is the number one requested body by men. Seems like he’s no longer just turning the heads of women!

Hollywood Here You Come!

Some people think that wanting to mimic a celebrity’s appearance is controversial, but as long as you understand that these are inspirations and not literal translations, there is nothing wrong with bringing pictures of famous faces to your plastic surgery consultation. People have been cutting hairstyles out of magazines for years in order to express the look that they want clearly and visually- cosmetic alternations are no different. To assure that you are getting the final look you desire, pictures can assist your doctor in helping you achieve your goals. Celebrities influence our society, and the world of cosmetic surgery is no different!

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