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Summary: Celebrities and plastic surgeons are peas in a pod. For various career reasons, celebrities are always investing in plastic surgery. But they’re also setting the trends—and millions of other plastic surgery patients want to look like them. Or, at least, want to look like a part of them. Or want a part of themselves to look like celebrity’s parts. It’s confusing. Let’s put it this way: most people like most of their bodies. It’s just this part or that part they’d like to change: a nose or lips or eyelashes. And they look to celebrity’s body parts for inspiration.

Kim Kardashian is a popular celebrity plastic surgery inspiration icon.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Inspiration… in Parts

Would you want to look like a celebrity? It seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? I mean, who wouldn’t want Beyonce’s legs? Or Angelina Jolie’s lips? Or Brad Pitt’s face? The desire to look like a celebrity is pretty normal. We can definitely say that safely. At least, it’s pretty normal as a fantasy. When you try to make it a reality, things can get problematic in a hurry. We could, of course, point to those individuals who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attempting to look like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian or Justin Beiber. Those people do indeed exist, with mixed results.

However, there’s a difference between changing your entire appearance to look like someone else and changing a little thing to look like a celebrity. Not many people are interested in changing their entire appearance, even if they had the budget to undertake such an endeavor. In fact, most people generally like the way they look even without plastic surgery. What recent surveys have revealed is that, despite this overall satisfaction, people will find “problem areas” that they would like to fix. In other words, it’s possible for a woman to like her entire body other than her breasts or a man to like his entire body other than his nose.

Those Parts that Inspire Us

This is why plastic surgery focuses on procedures that are localized: liposuction for the stomach or for the legs or for the neck; breast augmentation; tummy tuck—the list goes on. In most cases, patients will only want to change one or two things about themselves—and that works out because, as far as most plastic surgeons are concerned, this is the most efficient way to get things done. So what areas are popular for people looking to emulate the looks of celebrities? Well, there are three big ones.

  • Lips: Celebrities have a knack for looking as though they have thick, luscious lips. (The reasons why people find thick lips sexy are actually pretty interesting, and most of those reason have to do with how, when the body is aroused, blood rushes to the lips making them larger and redder.) Some of this, of course, is accomplished through make-up. But it’s no surprise that Angelina Jolie’s lips are a common request.
  • Nose: Perhaps people think the nose sends a message. You hear people talking about a strong nose, a feminine nose, a masculine nose. It gets a lot of attention for what is essentially a bit of cartilage and skin. Yet, rhinoplasty is among the most popular procedures year after year. By repositioning some of that cartilage, you can change the message your nose is sending.
  • Brow: Much as the nose sends a message, sometimes the brow sends a message we don’t mean to send. As we age, the brow can get stuck in sad-looking or angry-looking expressions. A facelift will generally mitigate this, and leave you looking as happy as you feel. Which, if you’re a celebrity (or look like one), you’d imagine would be pretty happy.

Being Like Your Favorite Celebrity… in Looks

So, is there anything wrong with emulating your favorite celebrity’s nose? Well, not in and of itself. We all like to emulate our role models. That’s why they’re role models. But unless you have the same basic facial shape as Brad Pitt, you might not want Brad Pitt’s nose. Because here’s the thing: your face works together. It’s not just about the size and shape of your nose, it’s about the size and shape of your nose in proportion to the rest of your face. This is, in fact, especially true with the nose because it occupies such a central spot in your face. And the fact of the matter is that Brad Pitt may have a wonderful nose—but he might have a nose that throws your whole face out of whack.

There are a couple of ways you can make sure your celebrity look alike plastic surgery doesn’t go too far in one direction or another. First and foremost, make sure you’re consulting with a plastic surgeon who will tell you “no.” According to the Minneapolis plastic surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, trusting your plastic surgeon to give you an objective opinion is key in any of these procedures. But if you just can’t bring yourself to trust your surgeon’s opinion, there are plenty of apps out there that will, essentially, photoshop a new nose onto an old picture of yourself. This should enable you to see the results, at least two-dimensionally, before you commit to surgery. And, of course, if you’re having material added to your nose, you could always use a dermal filler to simulate the results.

Remember to be Yourself

Either way, you should really focus on what works for your face and for your body and for your proportions. Just because something is great for a celebrity, doesn’t mean it’s great for you. And that’s what plastic surgery is all about—you. Celebrity plastic surgery inspiration should be just that: inspiration.

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