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Summary: While every woman has some degree of asymmetry in her breasts, significant breast asymmetry can bring a range of frustrations that extend well beyond appearances. From finding swimwear and bras that fit to overcoming self-consciousness, there are several ways you can successfully overcome the hassles of asymmetrical breasts.

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What Causes Uneven Breasts?

Why aren’t your breasts the same size to begin with? Everything from hormones, genetics and weight fluctuations to age and even posture habits can contribute to breast appearance. An existing size difference may become more apparent following changes in the body due to breastfeeding or pregnancy. Additionally, breast size can fluctuate throughout the month according to a woman’s cycle, so breasts may look more even one week, and less even the next.

The vast majority of women have breasts that aren’t perfectly symmetrical, even if the size differential is so tiny as to be virtually unnoticeable to anyone but her or her doctor. Some women, though, may experience a difference between breasts that’s as much as a cup size or more.

The Daily Challenge of Breast Size Differences

Finding clothing that fits properly is probably the biggest daily challenge of living with asymmetrical breasts. This is particularly the case when shopping for bras and other lingerie or swimwear, all of which are sized to fit your breast very precisely. This leaves very little room for variance between sides.

Beyond the physical aspects of dealing with uneven breasts, studies show that having significantly different-sized breasts can have a drastically negative psychological impact on self-image, particularly in teens.

Solutions for Different-Sized Breasts

Although it’s normal to feel like having breasts of decidedly different sizes is unusual, rest assured that you’re definitely not alone. In fact, there are many options that can help women with breast asymmetry create a more balanced silhouette:

  • Minor size differences can be camouflaged by wearing a bra with molded cups that’s sized to fit the larger breast.
  • Look for bras and swimwear that have removable padding, and remove only the padding on the side of your larger breast. You can also add an extra pad to the smaller breast side.
  • Foam or silicone bra inserts can add as much as a cup size to your smaller breast and still look discreet and natural.

Bra fitting experts suggest shopping for a size that fits your larger breast properly, rather than basing bra size off your smaller breast. This prevents unnecessary squeezing and pinching so you can feel comfortable throughout the day.

Finally, visiting a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement can offer a permanent solution to your breast asymmetry concerns. There are a few cosmetic surgery options that can make a long-term improvement in your figure:

  • A breast implant can be used in the smaller breast to match the size and volume of the larger breast.
  • The larger breast can be reduced in size and reshaped with a breast lift to look more like the smaller breast.
  • Both breasts can be augmented, usually with a slight reduction and/or lift performed on the larger breast to ensure an even final result.

If you feel sensitive about having breasts that are different sizes, it might help to know that wondering if asymmetry can be resolved is among the most common questions patients ask before breast augmentation. And the answer to whether a plastic surgeon can help you feel and look your best, even with asymmetrical breasts, is a definitive yes.

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