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Summary: We haven’t spent a lot of time talking about “chinplants” lately—but maybe we missed something. Turns out that chin augmentation could be one of 2017’s biggest trends in terms of plastic surgery. That’s certainly true over in the UK, where they’re seeing a big increase in “chinplants” performed.

Looking at Chinplants in 2017

Chin implants—today known a bit more playfully as “chinplants”—have admittedly not been very high on our radar. Chin augmentation procedures are not something we write about all that often because, honestly, it’s not a procedure that many surgeons emphasize. That seems to be changing, however.

It turns out that chinplants have been booming in popularity, however. This is especially true in the United Kingdom, where chin augmentation (broadly defined) is now growing more quickly than breast augmentation procedures (the previous growth champion). To a certain extent, that’s not all that surprising. Breast augmentation has been around for a while—it won’t grow as quickly as a brand new and quite possibly trendy procedure.

So why are chin implants suddenly so popular? What makes this procedure particularly appealing in this day and age? It might have something to do with how effective and individualized chinplants have become.

Enhancing Masculinity

For male patients, especially, the chin can be an especially important marker for masculinity. In many cultures (the UK and US included), a wide and angular chin is usually seen as being quite masculine. For men born without such a chin, there can be some lingering emotional discomfort.

That’s not to say that men with more “feminine” chins are going to automatically feel self-conscious. Nor does it mean that more streamlined chins are somehow immediately less attractive. It simply means that, for certain people, the chin will be a sore spot—a spot of insecurity. And there isn’t really a whole lot anyone can do about the chin in terms of dieting and exercise.

It’s no wonder, then, that men are particularly interested in chinplants or chin augmentation. It gives them the ability to achieve a much more masculine-looking jawline.

Enhancing Femininity

Of course, enhancing masculinity isn’t the only thing that chin augmentation can do. Just as there are many men who feel their jawlines are too feminine, there are many women who feel their jawlines are too masculine (or, more simply, not feminine enough).

Surgeons can increase the femininity of a patient’s jawline by making the tip a little bit pointier. In other words, the more “feminine” looking jawline tends to resemble the shape of a cartoon heart or valentine. When surgeons add this smooth point to the tip of the chin, the entire face takes on a much more feminine appearance.

Again, this should not infer that all women with wide jawlines need to think about chin augmentation. However, for those women who are bothered by the appearance of their chins, this procedure provides a viable way to enact changes.

Why is Chin Augmentation Getting More Popular?

The whole reason we’re talking about this is because chin augmentation has suddenly become much more popular. While that popularity might be surprising, there are some pretty good reasons why chinplants have become a little trendier in the past couple of years.

  • Better Fillers: Many chin augmentation procedures are now performed non-surgically, using specially designed dermal fillers. Now, these fillers aren’t always intended specifically for chin augmentation, but they do provide impressive volume addition. The best cosmetic surgeons can mold this volume, ensuring that you get the final look you’re after (and that your results look quite natural).
  • 3D Printing: Implants that are made out of non-filler materials are much less common, but they do exist. And they have only improved with the advent of 3D printing technology. These days, surgeons can “print” an implant that is perfectly suited to your existing face and facial architecture. This can vastly improve the overall look when the implant is used.
  • Plastic Surgery Opinions: Perhaps one of the largest factors here is the changing public opinion about plastic surgery. It used to be that plastic surgery, broadly defined, was something you tried to hide. These days, people chat openly on social media about what they want to achieve with a procedure. The change is noticeable and is having a huge effect on the types of procedures people pursue.

Finding the Right Procedure for You

There are many people who will elect to undergo a chinplant procedure. But it’s not uncommon for patients to sign up for multiple procedures. Dr. Charles Polsen, a Clear Lake, TX, facial plastic surgeon, notes that the face is a very complex puzzle. All of the pieces have to work together in order to achieve the optimal result.

So if you want a larger chin, you might be tempted to make a few changes to the nose as well—just to ensure the overall harmony of the face is maintained throughout the entire process. Of course, many of those patients have always wanted a change to the nose to begin with.

Much will depend on the overall outcomes you wish to achieve. Getting chin augmentation isn’t necessarily about changing your entire face or altering your identity. Instead, it’s designed to help bring your body image—and your face—into closer alignment with your “real self.” Sometimes that requires a few changes, sometimes just a small tweak here or there.

Chinplants have become one of 2017’s trendiest procedures because they allow patients to pursue that “real self.” It’s not as though you can change your chin through diet or exercise (though you might be able to slim down your jawline). That’s why chin implants have become such a popular procedure.

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