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Summary: Life is full of choices. You choose what to eat for breakfast, how to get to work in the morning, where you buy your clothes. Eventually, you may also choose to have a breast augmentation performed. (Especially if you want larger breasts.) That decision will usher in even more choices you’ll have to make. You’ll have to choose what size of implant you want, what shape you want that implant to have. And you may also have to choose the texture of that implant: textured or smooth. This may seem like a simple decision, but there are strengths and weaknesses to each. So if you’re, say, looking at your Milwaukee breast implant options (to use one example), it might pay to do some homework.

Milwaukee breast implant options abound, just as they do in the rest of the country

Breast Augmentation Decisions

There are a lot of decisions that go into your breast augmentation procedure. Perhaps among the most debated is, of course, the size. Too big or too small and a breast augmentation can suddenly go from life-changing in a good way to life-changing in a bad way. You could go from wanting to wear everything in your closet to wanting to wear nothing but hooded sweatshirts (nothing against hoodies—we love hoodies). Then, the conversation usually proceeds to shape and getting that quite right. Shape is, after all, quite important not only in how implants interact with your own body and anatamy, but also in how natural the finished results appear. A teardrop shape will look quite natural, but some women prefer a more spherical shape precisely because they look less natural.

However, there’s another important decision that many women don’t consider quite as carefully as the prior two. And that’s the texture of the implant. To be sure, this doesn’t come up terribly often, as most plastic surgeons seem to prefer smooth silicone breast implants. However, textured breast implants are sometimes an option. Textured implants were originally developed to help prevent a complication known as capsular contracture. This complication occurs in a very small percentage of cases when the immune system, essentially, looks at the implant as a foreign body and begins to attack it. This can cause damage to the implant and, therefore, damage to the results (it can also cause health complications if not treated).

Breast Implants Designed to Prevent Complications

The jury is still out on whether or not textured implants help prevent capsular contracture. Some research says it does, some research says it does not. Most plastic surgeons don’t seem to be entirely convinced that textured implants are good for that. However, there are some smaller—if also anecdotal—benefits to textured implants. First and foremost, textured implants tend to be more stationary. As your body recovers from surgery and makes room for your implants, some of them can tend to move ever so slightly. It’s usually not a big deal, but sometimes it can make it hard to accurately and with great specificity predict the outcome of the procedure (to be sure, we’re talking about very minor variances here).

While smooth implants tend to be more susceptible to movement post-operation, they are the more natural-looking of the two options. In fact, smooth implants tend to “jiggle” better—but that’s a good, sort of, test of how natural they tend to look in motion (the type of motion you go through in your every day life). Generally, smooth implants last longer, look more natural, and have a similar record when it comes to capsular contracture (again, this is somewhat debatable). So it’s easy to see why most plastic surgeons still prefer smooth implants (indeed, textured saline implants are currently only available in the European Union and Canada, and not in the United States).

Talk To Your Plastic Surgeon About Your Breast Augmentation

All of this serves to emphasize just how important a good relationship with your plastic surgeon really is. Ideally, your plastic surgeon would take the time to explain all of the options and the accompanying pros and cons that come with them. If your plastic surgeon does not make time for such discussions, it may be time to find a new plastic surgeon—as consultation and education are two of the most important ways that surgeons can help patients feel at ease with the specifics of a given procedure and have confidence in the end results.

After all, breast augmentation continues to be such a popular procedure because, at the very end of it all, it makes women feel really good about their bodies. Whether that’s because the overall proportions are more pleasing or because you fit into your clothes better, you’re supposed to feel good. Indeed, several studies have reported that women who undergo breast augmentation surgery report a decided increase in quality of life and confidence. Part of this is, simply, having the body you want, especially when the body is not available through means in your control (diet and exercise) and only through plastic surgery.

If you’re thinking about getting plastic surgery—or if you simply want to change your body, talk to your plastic surgeon and get the conversation started. Your plastic surgeon should be able to explain all of the minutia of the procedure—but be sure to be clear about what you want the results to be. Your surgeon’s job, after all, is to honor your desires and to make sure those results last. After all, you want to be in your real self’s body for as long as you can. Good communication—about all the choices involved—is essential to a satisfied patient and a good experience.

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