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While many people choose cosmetic surgery to give their appearance a boost, there’s another segment of the population seeking a new look for an entirely different reason: to revitalize their careers. Far from wanting a whole new look, getting a little BOTOX® or a face lift could mean the difference between relevance and retirement in some fields. Here’s a closer look at how your visible age could impact your professional life.

A Younger Workforce

san diego faceliftWhile workers who began their careers years ago have been gaining knowledge, skills and maybe a few grey hairs along the way, the atmosphere of the job market has definitely changed to favor the younger applicant. Much of this is because companies are looking for ways to cut costs; replacing older workers whose experience level commands a higher salary with cheaper, entry-level rookies can definitely help ease a tight budget.

From a strictly financial perspective, it’s true that entry-level workers may command only half the salary of someone who’s been there for years. Additionally, businesses believe younger employees may be open to working longer hours and traveling more, while assuming older workers often have families and want to get home by dinner time. Although the reality may be quite different, it’s tempting to continue dealing in generalizations and make business decisions accordingly. As a result, a number of middle-aged workers are encouraged toward early retirement while new hires come in to fill the vacancy.

Ageism by Industry

The pressure to look young is often greater in specific fields. The tech industry as a whole, for example, is particularly guilty of some degree of ageism. Older programmers may be resistant to (or unaware of) the latest methods and technology, while younger workers are often right on the cutting edge of the newest buzz and up-to-the-minute gadgetry. The idea of ageism in the tech world is the subject of much recent discussion; the median age at the Google offices is just 29 years old, making employees who are over 40 viewed as old men and women by comparison.

Another element of the tech industry that impacts appearances is the explosion of so many innovative startup ventures. There’s a common misconception that startups have to be fueled by young blood, either because older men and women won’t have the juice to keep up, or because they just wouldn’t be interested in the irregular hours (and sometimes irregular pay) that typically define a startup.

Although the tech industry is just one prominent example, older workers often have to work much harder to prove themselves more in every field, when really their expertise and work history should speak volumes about their ability to contribute meaningfully to their business.

The Professional Approach

Faced with these kinds of pressures, it’s no wonder that so many men and women are choosing cosmetic procedures for professional reasons. With the option of minimally invasive procedures like BOTOX® and injectable fillers to minimize wrinkles and other early signs of aging rather than a major surgery like a facelift, it’s easy to pop in over a lunch break and see an improvement almost immediately.

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. In fact, more and more working professionals are visiting surgeons with requests to minimize their age rather than look decades younger. In terms of career moves, just softening a few wrinkles here or there could be enough to make a major difference in workplace attitudes, as well as protect the future of the career you’ve worked so hard to establish.

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