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Summary: There are different types of support structures—or internal bras—to consider when you’re planning your breast lift. Two popular, novel types are known as suture suspension and synthetic mesh. Then again, novel doesn’t always mean better, so the best results will occur when you consult with a plastic or cosmetic surgeon and when you’re informed about what’s out there.


As if choosing the bra you wear on the outside wasn’t hard enough

When you pick out your bra in the morning, you probably consider a list of criteria before settling on a winner: fit, snugness, the last time it was washed, your mood, is this the bra that makes your back hurt, and so on. As you consider your breast lift options, you’ll need to determine the best internal bra to wear. In other words, you’ll need to settle on an internal support structure that, if all goes well, will keep lifting your breasts for some time to come.

A breast lift procedure is usually performed when a woman’s breasts have begun to sag or droop over time, usually due to aging. A breast lift, sometimes coupled with a breast augmentation or breast reduction, can, essentially, lift up the breast and restore a sense of youthful perkiness. In fact, most women that pursue a breast lift are doing so for the same reason one might consider Botox: to feel young again.

Comparing methods

During a traditional breast lift operation, an incision is made around the areolas and under the breast, to hide scarring. Excess skin is trimmed away, and you’re left with a younger looking breast. But there are some different techniques when it comes to the lifting of the breast, and it might be worth discussing these techniques with your doctor.

The first of these two internal support systems is something called suture suspension technique. Because the tendons in the breast have essentially worn out over time, this technique replaces the strength of those tendons with permanent sutures, which essentially hold the breast up, in much the same way that the straps of a bra offer support. This technique is usually less invasive than more traditional breast lifts, but are rarely as effective. Therefore, the procedures are usually coupled together.

The second type of internal bra is a biologic or synthetic mesh. Think of this technique not as holding the breast up, but rather as supporting it from underneath, as the cup of a bra might. The materials that the mesh is made of usually break down over time and are replaced by the patient’s own scar tissues, leading to a more permanent solution.

When it comes right down to it, there are many options for breast lift procedures, from the novel to the traditional. You should be informed of these options, and have an idea of what’s best for you as you consult with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Dr. Ogilvie Plastic Surgery ,which serves the Chicago area, is a prime example of the collaboration between patient and doctor. Whatever option Chicago breast lift candidates settle on, they’ve had the input of their surgeons and know what’s best going forward.

By staying informed, you support yourself.

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