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Summary: Typically cosmetic surgery for minors has a negative stigma attached to it, but when it comes to correcting debilitating deformities such as a cleft palate, surgery may be able to positively change a child’s life forever.

Doing What is Right

Those in the world of cosmetic surgery undergo a lot of scrutiny, especially when the topic of minors comes into play. Cosmetic surgery is often times seen as simply that- cosmetic. Not all surgeries are superficial, though, and it is very important to understand that if you or your child could benefit from plastic surgery, you have every right to undergo it with your head held high. Taking charge of your life and achieving the results you desire can be admirable, and if you or your child is under the age of 18 and suffers from a debilitating deformity such as a cleft palate, you do NOT need to suffer alone.

Clef Palate Facts

Knowledge is power, and fully understanding what a cleft palate truly is will help you make the right decision about undergoing a cosmetic procedure to repair it.

  • Cleft lip and cleft palate are birth defects that occur when a baby’s lip or mouth do not form properly.
  • These birth defects often happen very early during pregnancy. A baby can have a cleft lip, a cleft palate, or sometimes they may even suffer from both.
  • Children with a cleft lip with or without a cleft palate or a cleft palate alone will oftentimes have problems with feeding and/or talking. Developmental issues are common in those with this defect.
  • Children with cleft palates/lips have increased chances of developing ear infections, hearing loss, and many times suffer from problems with their teeth.
  • This is just a sample of the complications associated with a cleft palate. Many naysayers of underage cosmetic surgery don’t understand all of the above, and would likely change their mind if they knew that the procedure wasn’t being done for simply cosmetic reasons.

Your Surgical Plan

It is important to find a specialist who works with children. Modern Contours in Manhattan is one example of a specialist that works with children. Their sensitivity and knowledge will help make the process even that much more successful. Asking lots of questions will always ease things, as well. Cleft palate surgery performed on minors is a delicate task, and it is to be expected that you will have your worries and doubts. Do not let these fears get in the way of saving your child’s life. Many parents who understand the importance of this surgery opt to have their children undergo the procedure before the child is 18 months old. This is often times the best chance a child has at reducing the negative side effects of a cleft palate.

What This Means For You And Your Child

No one knows what causes a cleft palate necessarily, but often times it is due to genetics or an outside environmental effect. It is nobody’s fault, and it is a deformity that does not need to be lived with. Doing what is best for you or your child is important, regardless of any naysayer’s uneducated opinions. Plastic surgery is corrective as often times as it is cosmetic and reversing the negative side effects associated with a cleft palate or cleft lip may be the key to lifelong happiness, self-confidence and health.

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