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Summary: The desire to add volume to your breasts is certainly a good reason to consider implants, but it’s by no means the only reason. For many women thinking about implants, the goal isn’t just to go big, but to create eye-catching cleavage that stands out. And when you consider the self-confidence boost that head-turning cleavage can produce, why wouldn’t you want a little extra enhancement?


But hold on a second. Not all cleavage is created equal, and the amount of cleavage you’ll be able to enjoy after your breast augmentation may depend on your anatomy more than your cup size.

A Variety of Cleavage

While it may not be obvious to the untrained eye, there are actually two types of cleavage that cosmetic surgeons look at when assessing your goals for breast augmentation:

  • Medial Cleavage: Anyone familiar with how push-up bras work should understand the basics of medial cleavage, which is defined by how close breasts are at the midline. Large breasts often have the fullness to create good medial cleavage, while smaller breasts tend to have more trouble creating cleavage in this area.
  • Upper Pole Fullness: The second type of cleavage relates to the fullness in the upper part of the breast (known as the upper pole), which depends on the placement of your nipple and how much sagging is present. Cleavage from upper pole fullness is often requested by women who want a more voluptuous look from their breast augmentation.

How Implants Enhance Cleavage

With the help of implants, medial cleavage can be enhanced with a couple of techniques:

  • Placement of breast implants closer together on the chest wall
  • Use of larger diameter breast implants that take up more space between breasts to add fullness

Moderate profile implants, which have a wider base than high implant profiles, are typically used to create medial cleavage. However, keep in mind that the choice of the perfect breast implant needs to complement your existing breasts. A breast implant base that’s too wide for breast base diameter won’t give you natural-looking results, and could lead to a shift in implant placement over time.

Upper pole fullness is commonly enhanced with breast implants, especially when high profile implants are used. Large diameter implants placed higher on the chest wall can also increase volume in the upper breasts.

The Impact of Your Natural Anatomy

Your breast shape can be a critical factor in ensuring a well-balanced and proportionate figure, with or without breast implants. For women unhappy with the shape of their breasts and the cleavage (or lack thereof) they’re able to show off, a customized approach toward breast augmentation may be the answer to give you the curves you’ve always wanted.

Different types of cleavage can be created using different breast implant options:

  • High profile implants are smaller in diameter and are narrower, but project further from the chest. For this reason, they’re often used to create outward fullness rather than fullness on the sides.
  • Moderate profile implants are wider in diameter and sit flatter on the chest wall. These typically add more volume to the sides of the breast rather than adding volume outward.

Some might say that cleavage is cleavage, but each of these two types contributes to your physique in different ways, and must be addressed differently when undergoing breast augmentation.

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