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how to avoid complications from breast augmentation

Summary: Complications from breast augmentation aren’t necessarily at the top of everyone’s discussions list. It’s much more fun to talk about outcomes. That’s true with any plastic surgery procedure. However, the more you know about complications from breast augmentation, the better prepared you can be for all possible outcomes.

What’s the Best Way to Avoid Complications from Breast Augmentation?

If you’re thinking about increasing the size your busy, you might be wondering: How can you avoid complications from breast augmentation? It’s a straightforward question. And it’s something that, really, only your surgeon is going to be able to answer in any kind of detail. That is, the best source for information about possible complications from your plastic surgery procedure is your plastic surgeon.

Our goal today is to do something a little different: we simply want to open a dialogue. One way to do that is to discuss the potential complications from a breast augmentation and some of the most effective ways you can avoid them. To be sure, there’s no such thing as a guarantee here, and all plastic surgery carries inherent risks.

Today’s surgeons, however, are able to mitigate and minimize many of those risks. In other words, breast augmentation has never been safer—and it’s never been more popular. Even still, there are some ways you can try to avoid common complications from breast augmentation.

Finding the Right Surgeon

One of the most potent ways to avoid complications is to find yourself the right surgeon. To be sure, even highly qualified, incredibly experienced surgeons will have patients who experience complications. Again, finding the best surgeon in your area is not a guarantee of smooth sailing.

But there are several advantages to finding the right surgeon for you:

  • If you have a comfortable relationship with your surgeon, you’re more likely to have open communication—which can be good when you’re trying to prevent or treat complications
  • Surgeons with more experience in surgery also tend to have more experience treating complications
  • If you have a surgeon that you trust, you’re more likely to follow recovery instructions, which could be a key component of preventing major complications

Ultimately, a lot of this is going to come down to two things: finding a good surgeon and then listening to that good surgeon. In many cases, we encourage patients to find surgeons who are Board Certified—that certification is an official recognition of a certain level of skill and experience. That’s why many patients find peace of mind with such credentials.

Know Your Enemy

Another way to prevent complications is to know exactly what you’re trying to avoid. Technically, bruising and swelling are “complications.” But those complications are so common and routinely controlled that we don’t really think of them as side effects. It’s just part of the process—and surgeons can help mitigate some of the negative consequences of those complications because they’re so easy to predict.

Likewise, the more you know about potential complications from your breast augmentation, the more prepared you’ll be to spot or prevent those complications. The two most common complications from breast augmentation are:

  • Capsular Contracture: This complication has to do with how your body responds to the breast implant of your choosing. In some rare cases, your body can form a tight matrix of internal scar tissue around your implant. This scar tissue contracts around the implant until the implant becomes hard and misshapen. In cases of capsular contracture, the implant will likely need to be removed.
  • Implant Malposition: Your breast implants are going to move around after your surgery. Your body is getting used to the weight and trying to find the best spot for them. However, in some cases—either over time or due to a trauma—the implants will end up in a position that you didn’t intend. In these cases, the implant may be removed or the surgeon may attempt to correct the malposition.

It’s incredibly important that you speak to your surgeon about potential complications from your breast augmentation procedure. Some surgeons, such as the Minnesota breast surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, put this information right on their websites.

But other surgeons will bring up complications during the consultation process. There’s no “right” way to bring up complications, though transparency is desired at all times.

The Best Way to Prevent Complications from Breast Augmentation

When it comes right down to it, the best way to prevent complications from breast augmentation surgery is to have an open and frank discussion about all possible outcomes with your plastic surgeon.

It’s true that you might be more interested in results than complications, but the importance of the conversation cannot be understated. Preventing complications from breast augmentation isn’t always possible—though surgeons do try their best—so knowing as much as possible before your procedure begins is the best way to protect yourself and your desired outcome.

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