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Summary: We talk about body contouring as helping patients finish a long and arduous weight loss journey, whether that journey is completed with the help of bariatric surgery or a diet and exercise regiment. And that’s still the case. As part of that body contouring flight of procedures, thigh lift is a popular option to give the legs, which often exhibit a good deal of excess tissue—a smoother and slimmer finish. However, one thing plastic surgeons are always concerned about, from a Los Angeles facelift to a Clear Lake thigh lift surgery, is complication. A new study seems to indicate a high instance of complications with thigh lift surgery—although most of those complications were quite minor.

clear lake thigh lift surgery can smooth out your legs

The Perfect Surgery for Legs

Sometimes, it’s all about your legs. Especially in the summer, it’s no secret that you want to be able to walk around in shorts, skirts, and the type of clothing that will keep you cool. But that can be difficult when you have an excess amount of tissue on your legs. This tissue can build up for any number of reasons, including weight loss and including, simply, because of age. What’s more important, perhaps, is that diet and exercise aren’t always the best solution for this excess tissue that builds up around the legs. Indeed, in most cases, diet and exercise will have absolutely no effect on excess tissue.

As we age, our tissues can lose elasticity—that is, the ability to bounce back. This is why, when we’re young, we don’t really have to worry about excess tissue. Whatever our body shape, our skin has a remarkable ability to bounce back, and, unfortunately, that ability wanes as we age. This means that if our body changes, we have less innate ability to bounce back, especially in terms of skin. Hence, we can accumulate a generous amount of excess tissue, and we don’t always like the sight of it.

Plastic Surgery Works Where Diet and Exercise Won’t

If diet and exercise are futile endeavors, it’s lucky that there is a plastic surgery procedure designed to address precisely this problem. The procedure in question is called a thigh lift, and it’s usually commissioned to tighten the tissues around the upper leg. A thigh lift is generally performed in a hospital setting, and can be a relatively intense procedure from a recovery standpoint, depending on where the incisions are made. Generally, that incision will be made along the very upper thigh, where the leg meets the pelvis. This helps hide any scars that might remain after surgery. After the initial incision is made, the skin is stretched and excess tissue is removed. Surgeons may be able to do a little bit more to add structure to the tissues of the leg as well during surgery, but that often depends on individual situation and individual desires.

As with all plastic surgery, aesthetic or otherwise, doctors are always concerned about limiting complications. New research published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery seems to indicate that complications from thigh lift surgery and not terribly uncommon. And while those complications are almost always minor, it was important for researchers to understand he root causes behind them.

Complications, as Results, Vary by Patient

According to the researchers, much of the cause can be attributed to the overall health of the patient. For example, high blood pressure tended to result in a higher occurrence of a certain complication called a seroma (fluid collection). In other occurrences, infections were a more common complication with older patients. Now, it’s important to point out that the study was looking mostly at patients who had undergone massive weight loss due to bariatric bypass, so it’s not an accurate sample of everyone who will undergo this particular procedure. However, massive weightloss is one of the most common reasons why patients choose to undergo a procedure such as a thigh lift.

It’s also important to point out that most of these complications were relatively minor. In fact, generally, extra surgery was not required to fix the problems. Complications from surgery, in general, aren’t necessarily uncommon—and keeping your surgeon in the loop will help keep those complications from becoming a large problem. It’s also important to follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions very strictly, as those instructions are in place not only to safeguard your health but also the results of your surgery.

Your Plastic Surgeon is the Top Doc

For many men and women who decide to undergo a thigh lift procedures, the risks of possible complications is well worth it. After a thigh lift, many patients feel much more secure and confident wearing clothes that expose their legs. And after a massive weight loss, in particular, not being able to wear the clothes you want to wear can feel like you’ve been cheated. In many ways, a thigh lift helps you complete the journey. These procedures are performed everywhere, but especially in warm climates, such as Clear Lake thigh lift surgery can mean the transformation of your every day life for the better.

You’ll always want to consult with your plastic surgeon in order to minimize your complications and maximize your results. A thigh lift just might help you reach the ultimate end of your weight loss journey.

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