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Summary: Losing weight can be a significant challenge. And your body often only makes it even more difficult. Diet and exercise can only carry you so far—and the more you exercise, the harder it becomes to lose weight as your body adapts to your new metabolic rates. In other words, the system can feel like it’s rigged against you. No wonder, then, that tummy tuck procedures and tummy tuck with liposuction procedures are both on the rise. The numbers come out of the UK, but the increasing popularity of these procedures is also being witnessed in the US. People want to look slender and fit.

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Staying in Shape

It’s tough to stay in shape. In fact, it can be a never ending battle. Every day you spend on the treadmill, you’re burning calories, but your body is adjusting to the new workload. In other words, every day, it gets harder to stay fit. At least, as fit as you are now. There’s no shame in that. That’s just the way the body operates. But it can make it exceptionally difficult to actually keep control of your weight and your fitness, especially over the long term. And while that might be possible for a certain group of extremely committed folks, it’s not an option for everybody. Maybe that’s why, in the United Kingdom at least, tummy tuck surgeries are rising sharply.

Now, I’ve been to London, and one of the things you notice is that it’s a huge city and everybody walks everywhere. Fitness in London is not really a problem. But that’s part of the thing. Tummy tuck procedures aren’t really about fitness. They’re about the appearance of fitness. Let’s put this another way: if your body has gone through some changes, whether due to pregnancy or massive weight loss or something else, it’s likely that your abdominal muscles aren’t what they once were and, perhaps more obviously, you might have an excess of skin. That excess skin can look, to the untrained eye, like fat (especially when clothing is involved).

Eliminating Excess Tissue

There’s not really much you can do about this excess tissue, at least not through diet or exercise. That’s why people elect to undergo tummy tuck procedures. And, apparently, in ever growing numbers in the UK. Indeed, inquiries into tummy tuck procedures were up 264% over the last year in the UK—that’s a huge increase. Combining a tummy tuck with liposuction into one procedure is also becoming more common in the UK. My sense is that if you looked at statistic in the United States, you’d find the numbers are pretty similar.

So why is abdominoplasty such a popular procedure? It’s not terribly difficult to figure out. We live in a society that values and rewards slenderness. Which means that, for many people, there is an awful lot of pressure to become slender and perhaps even more pressure to stay slender once you’re there. I’m not trying to say this in a judgmental way—simply expressing an observation. The point is that patients who have worked to become slender or who have, along the way, lost that slenderness, feel an intense amount of pressure to remain slender and to show off that slenderness.

Tummy Tuck Popularity

There is, obviously, a similar dynamic in both the U.S. and the U.K. Being skinny is seen as a good thing and having excess skin is not. For some people, plastic surgery is the only real option to get the body they want. And for those people who want plastic surgery and who get it, much research has been devoted to showing just how happy they are. Tummy tuck procedures definitely rank up there with the most satisfactory plastic surgery procedures performed. Whether that’s a Milwaukee tummy tuck procedure or a New York liposuction procedure, people are up for it and they’re happy with the results.

But tummy tuck procedures should not be entered into lightly. Yes, the results are great and patients of tummy tucks tend to love the way they look afterwards. But tummy tucks are also among the most painful plastic surgery options out there. The recovery, especially, is more painful than, for example, breast augmentation or simple liposuction. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, by necessity, the incisions for tummy tucks tend to be a little bit longer. This increases the pain by nature. Second, however, is the fact that you actually use your abdominal muscles for quite a wide range of movements.

A Happy Ending?

So every time you move, you’ll feel the pain. Many surgeons employ the use of a device called a pain pump, which effectively administers a numbing agent to help ease that pain. Of course, when patients listen to and follow recovery instructions closely, much of this pain can be mitigated somewhat, and your body can heal relatively quickly. In other words, the pain may deter some patients, but largely people decide to go through with the procedure.

They make that decision because they want to look great, and diet and exercise simply are not accomplishing the desired end goal. The solution, then, is plastic surgery, and if the ever-growing popularity of tummy tuck procedures is any indication, this is one solution that’s working.

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