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Summary: Coolsculpting, sometimes known as “fatfreeze,” is a relatively new procedure in which cosmetic surgeons use cold to kill fat. Generally, it’s a relatively painless way to achieve long-lasting results, and new research seems to indicate that there may be even more benefits to this novel approach.

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Freeze Your Fat

Coolscupting has a well-earned reputation for getting rid of unwanted fat. The procedure itself is pretty simple: cosmetic surgeons use the Coolsculpting device to freeze your fat—essentially, a vacuum pulls the fat into contact with your skin, where it’s flash frozen. The cold numbs your skin to any pain, and the fat dies from the freezing. It’s one of those nifty win-win situations.

An Additional Win

But new research suggests there might another “win” to consider when it comes to Coolscupting. According to research published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Coolsculpting may be good for your skin. According to the article, Coolsculpting may actually encourage collagen production in your skin, not only tightening the tissues, but also thickening the layer. This is exceptionally beneficial if you happen to have thin skin.

In other words, Coolsculpting eliminated the unwanted pockets of fat and the skin tightened around the new shape. The study itself was not conducted with a very large sample size (only a handful of patients), so these results should be taken with a grain of salt. But it certainly emphasizes that there may be some hidden potential with this procedure.

Excellent Results, Less Invasive

Coolsculpting is, after all, a relatively new procedure. But it’s part of a broader trend towards less invasive procedures designed to generate high quality results. From Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons to New York plastic surgery clinics, the emphasis has lately been on less permanent, less invasive procedures, and Coolsculpting fits right in with that ethos.

Can’t Do Everything

Of course, there are some things Coolsculpting can’t do. And for those cases, you’ll need to consult with a plastic surgeon about a tummy tuck or about liposuction (a tummy tuck with tighten the skin and abdomen, while a liposuction will strategically sculpt and remove fat). But if you’re looking to take baby steps into the world of cosmetic surgery, and you’re looking for something that is both non-surgical and will generate excellent results, Coolsculpting may be the way to go.

So wade into the cosmetic surgery pool, and contact your surgeon today.

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