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Summary: Many parents (and relatively) are wondering, is cosmetic surgery a good graduation present? There are reasons to be cautious. Giving plastic surgery as a gift is a precarious thing to begin with. In order for the message to be positive, it helps to approach it from a certain direction. We’ll look into why cosmetic surgery is such a popular choice for grads these days!

Why is Cosmetic Surgery a Good Graduation Present?

Finding a fitting gift for graduation can be tough, but is cosmetic surgery a good graduation present? At first blush, this could seem like a terrible idea. Giving cosmetic surgery as a gift—for any occasion—is a minefield. And it’s one that many people have a certain amount of trepidation walking into (for good reason).

However, there are some things that make giving cosmetic surgery as a graduation present a little bit different. In other words, there’s a right way to do this if you’re going to do it. Cosmetic surgery is an often requested graduated gift—in these cases, requested by the graduate in question.

And since most grads are over the age of 18, you can sidestep some of the issues associated with kids and cosmetic procedures. But not all. Indeed, the body is still maturing and the brain still developing. A careful approach is often required. Let’s take a look at how some are offering cosmetic surgery to their grads as a gift.

Lay Off the Surprise

The first thing that you’ve got to figure out is pretty simple: who actually wants what procedure? Most gifts are given, customarily, as a surprise. You may know the date you’re getting a gift, but you often won’t know the contents until you open it. Giving cosmetic surgery as a surprise gift is not advised. There’s simply too much room for miscommunication—and miscommunication when it comes to giving cosmetic surgery as a gift can cause all kinds of problems.

Consider, for a moment, that you’ve misinterpreted a son’s or daughter’s wish. You get them cosmetic surgery instead of a new sweatshirt. The message you’ll be sending is, to be nice, harsh.

That’s why it’s incredibly important that you have thoroughly discussed your grad’s wishes before committing to any kind of gift having to do with cosmetic surgery. It’s also important that you refrain from offering specifics. In other words, you should not be suggesting procedures to get or changes to make. That should all be discussed confidentially between the surgeon and patient.

What Procedures are Grads Going For?

Mostly, grads who receive cosmetic surgery as a gift are looking for the same thing many other cosmetic surgery patients are: a boost in confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes that bump in body image can feel especially important just before a new and life-changing transition (for example, before starting a new job or going off to college).

So what kind of procedures are people going for? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options:

  • Non Surgical Nose Job: One of the most common complaints among teens seems to center around the nose. Surgical rhinoplasty can require a few months of recovery (not necessarily ideal for your last summer vacation). But with a Non Surgical Nose Job, patients can make subtle but noticeable changes to the nose. These changes will be noticeable immediately. And the best part is that there’s essentially no recovery time. Non Surgical Nose Job methods can even be used to perform revision rhinoplasty procedures when the first (surgical) nose job did not go as well as desired.
  • Eliminating Acne Scars: Sometimes, the source of feelings of self-consciousness come from the scars left over from acne. This is pretty common, actually. Acne is rather ubiquitous in teenagers (as we might all be able to attest). But the development of scars can be especially troubling for those who have dealt with significant outbreaks of acne. There are several laser and directed energy treatments capable of helping to diminish acne scars. You can talk to your local cosmetic surgeon about finding the right one.
  • Getting Rid of Unwanted Fat: When you’re young, you also want to be fit. It’s not really fair, the emphasis our society places on both—expecting people to always be trim and young. Coolsculpting is a way to diminish unwanted fat without surgery, and apparently it’s a pretty popular graduation gift. The nice thing about Coolsculpting (other than that it rarely requires a recovery period) is that it many different areas of the body can be targeted. If you want fat eliminated around your belly or your jawline or your arms or your back, Coolsculpting can do that. The results are subtle, but no surgery is required.

Let Your Grad Be Your Guide

When it comes to giving cosmetic surgery as a graduation gift, the wise parent will let his or her grad be their guide. In other words, do not be the one to bring it up—but if your grad has an obvious interest, you can certainly encourage the conversation. There’s also nothing wrong with setting up a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.

After all, the surgeon will be able to discuss the particular needs and desires of your grad. We know that, ultimately, the desire is to send the grad off into the world with the best possible shot at success. A small boost to confidence and self-esteem could help with that—but only if it’s already on your grad’s radar. Play this one cool, and keep it on the DL (ask your kids what that means). Is cosmetic surgery a good graduation present? Let your grad decide.

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