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Summary: It’s no secret that cosmetic surgery is nearly ubiquitous with the celebrity world. Hollywood is so built around the idea of glamour, enviable lifestyles, and unattainable looks that many celebrities undergo cosmetic surgery not just to look better but even to advance their career.


While some celebrities hide the fact that they’ve gone “under the knife,” others boast their cosmetic results proudly, touting the benefits of cosmetic surgery and encouraging others to give cosmetic enhancement a shot. But while we commonly associate elective cosmetic procedures with celebrity lifestyles, plastic surgery is not just for celebrities anymore.

More Celebrities and Public Figures Are Open about Their Procedures

As plastic surgery becomes more mainstream, celebrities and famous figures are growing more open about having had work done. There was a time when nearly everyone who had plastic surgery lied about it or refused to discuss their procedures. Today, however, many famous figures no longer feel the need to be ashamed of their cosmetic work.

Many young celebrities and popular culture celebrities such as Iggy Azalea, Kaley Cuoco, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Kelly Rowland, and Kourtney Kardashia have openly discussed their decision to undergo breast augmentation. Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak proudly posted before-and-after photos of her tummy tuck to show followers her results, as well as to advocate healthy living. And singer-songwriter Alexa Ray Joel openly acknowledged having undergone a rhinoplasty to improve the balance of her facial features.

Even media coverage of celebrity plastic surgeries that was once centered on shaming and revealing secrets now more typically uses celebrity examples to demonstrate what cosmetic surgery can do for others. As the public becomes more aware of the results that are possible with plastic surgery, more men and women are realizing that cosmetic procedures could be the answer to meeting their own appearance goals.

The Need for Realistic Expectations

However, while celebrities can be a great place to start when considering what plastic surgery can do for you, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations. When it comes to the flawless looks that are pervasive on the silver screen, it’s not only cosmetic enhancement that is at play.

Hollywood can create unrealistic beauty standards with digital enhancement, giving viewers the impression that the looks they see on screen are merely a result of healthy living, good genes, and plastic surgery rather than endless hours of film editing. It is a well-known fact that CGI and/or makeup is commonly used to camouflage minor flaws, irregularities, cellulite, and tattoos (think Angelina Jolie). However, even more deceiving is the ability to morph faces onto other bodies (i.e., Paul Walker for completion of Furious 7) or the use of body doubles in nude scenes that may also create unrealistic expectations.

Men and women seeking an improved appearance can also get caught up in fixating on a particular celebrity’s look with the goal of mimicking a particular feature. Plastic surgeons frequently get requests to create Kate Middleton’s nose or Angelina Jolie’s lips, for instance.

The problem with trying to mimic the particular features of another person rather than focusing on enhancing your own is that not only is it not always possible to create the same shape on each person’s nose, mouth, breasts, or any other physical feature, but also that the focus should remain on improving your overall appearance.

While it can be done on computers, many patients may not realize that even if it were possible to transplant Kate Middleton’s nose onto their own face, the results may not be as flattering as they expect. When it comes to plastic surgery, it’s all about enhancing your existing features, and working with what you’ve got naturally to create improved proportions and contours.

Cosmetic Surgery in the Mainstream

Today, cosmetic surgery extends far past the boundaries of the celebrity world. More affordable costs, available financing, a decreasing stigmatization, and more awareness of the well-studied psychological benefits of plastic surgery make cosmetic procedures a realistic option for everyday men and women. For many, it’s a practical choice that helps them excel socially, professionally, and personally in the day to day.

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