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Summary: Cosmetic surgery that saves the day may sound like a rare and some bizarre turn of phrase. After all, cosmetic surgery isn’t going to stop a bank robbery or anything like that. But there are cosmetic surgery procedures designed to offer patients significant transformation that can significantly change lives. In part, that’s down to human nature. Even little changes can make a big difference to how you look at yourself.

Cosmetic Surgery That Saves the Day

These days, plastic and cosmetic surgery can be used to provide a dizzying array of options and treatments. That’s why there are definitely procedures where it’s cosmetic surgery that saves the day. Here’s what I mean by that: let’s say you have a problem that you’ve been struggling with all your life, but there’s a quick and easy procedure that can alleviate your symptoms.

Those are cases when I would save cosmetic surgery saves the day. Or let’s say you had a bad experience with a plastic surgery procedure. Maybe your nose job or facelift didn’t go quite the way you had hoped. These are instances, too, in which cosmetic surgery can save the day with the right procedure.

I know that probably sounds a little dramatic: “saves the day.” But I’m trying to think about it from the patient’s perspective. And that perspective is going to be feeling crummy about a part of your body before getting cosmetic surgery and (hopefully) feeling good about it afterwards. That’s a kind of transformation that really can change someone’s outlook–that can save the day, if you will. That’s why we’re looking pretty closely at cosmetic surgery that saves the day, trying to separate the hype from the reality.

Revision Procedures

There’s one really great example of how cosmetic surgery can save the day, and that’s something called a revision procedure. Let’s take revision rhinoplasty as our example. Surgical rhinoplasty (sometimes called a nose job) is one of the most popular procedures on the planet. Usually the results are great.

But the nose heals slowly, and the final results don’t always go according to plan. It’s incredibly disheartening to go through all the trouble of surgery (and the twelve months of recovery) and not be in love with your results. That’s when a non surgical revision rhinoplasty swoops in and saves the day.

  • Non surgical revision rhinoplasty uses dermal filler injections to subtly change the shape of the nose
  • The fillers yield immediate results, and those results may last anywhere from twelve to twenty-four months depending on the filler chosen
  • Adding volume to the nose with dermal fillers can complete the original transformation patients were looking for without the need for surgery or lengthly recovery periods
  • A non surgical revision rhinoplasty won’t work for everyone–but for those who are good candidates, this is definitely a procedure that will feel like it’s cosmetic surgery that saves the day.

It will be up you and your cosmetic surgeon to determine if you’re a good fit for a non surgical revision rhinoplasty, but it’s easy to see why this procedure appeals to surgical nose job patients who aren’t thrilled with their results.

Botox for Migraines

Let’s look at another test case that doesn’t involve cleaning up after surgery. Don’t get me wrong, revision procedures (both surgical and non surgical) definitely qualify as saving the day, but they aren’t the only way to get cosmetic surgery that saves the day. Botox for migraines is a great example of another way cosmetic surgery can positively transform a patient’s life.

Migraines are a severe type of headache, the mechanics of which are not particularly well understood. Doctors aren’t entirely sure why some people get migraines or what makes them so painful. Migraines are also notoriously difficult to treat.

One thing that seems to help, however, is regular Botox injections–at least, for some patients. Botox injections (and the mechanisms behind this still aren’t entirely understood either) have the ability to mitigate the symptoms of migraine headaches, making them less frequent and less intense. That can make a huge impact on the quality of life of the migraine sufferer. You could say it’s cosmetic surgery that saves the day.

Botox isn’t the only way to treat migraines, mind you, but it does offer a novel approach for patients who haven’t had much luck with more traditional remedies.

Meaningful Changes for Patients

Ultimately, good cosmetic surgery is less about “saving the day” and more about making meaningful changes for all kinds of patients. Sometimes those meaningful changes will fall into that “save the day” category, but that shouldn’t negate the day-to-day improvements that all of these procedures aim to achieve.

To be sure, cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone. But for those people who do find an appeal in Botox or dermal fillers, cosmetic surgery that saves the day could range from an important revision rhinoplasty procedure all the way to a simple injection of dermal fillers to keep the wrinkles away. Each are valuable contributions to the lives of patients.

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