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Summary: According to recent figures, cosmetic procedures continue to be a popular procedure. This is likely because cosmetic procedures have come a long way since the Botox injections where they got their start. Indeed, today, cosmetic procedures can offer patients a wide variety of final looks. Where rhinoplasty used to be something that could only be accomplished through surgery, now nonsurgical rhinoplasty offers patients averse to surgery a new option. And the nose isn’t the only place this is true.

Nonsurgical procedures in Los Angeles started the cosmetic surgery trend

Nonsurgical Procedures Have Come a Long Way Since Botox

Cosmetic surgery used to be a kind of niche specialty. Back when Botox was novel and dermal fillers were just getting their start, cosmetic procedures found it difficult to compete against the big guns: breast augmentation, facelifts, rhinoplasty. But as time has gone on, cosmetic surgeons have grown more and more innovative, offering now a wide variety of procedures that can rival, at least in the short term, their surgical big brothers. While they still make up a relatively smaller percent of the overall market share (partly because surgical procedures are vastly more expensive), cosmetic procedures have recently exploded in terms of popularity. Indeed, cosmetic procedures are the new trend.

There are a couple of reasons why cosmetic surgery has grown so popular. First and foremost is that cosmetic surgeons have recently begun to expand their offerings beyond the simple elimination of wrinkles. One of the first to offer these nonsurgical procedures in Los Angeles was Westside Aesthetics, which helped develop the so-called nonsurgical nose job. This nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedure used the injection of dermal fillers to accomplish what once had to be done surgically. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty ushered in an era of possibilities—and now there are nonsurgical cosmetic techniques available for a wide variety of procedures.

Nonsurgical Procedures Offer Quick Results

Another of the reasons why nonsurgical procedures are so popular is because in many cases they offer immediate results. Typical surgical procedures often carry with them a required recovery time of weeks. Sometimes it can take months for all of the swelling to dissipate and for normal activity to resume. And while surgical procedures have, admittedly, become much less invasive, they cannot offer the appeal of immediate gratification. Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, however, often use that as their primary form of appeal.

For example, dermal fillers—Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and so on—work by filling volume in the face in order to eliminate wrinkles. Or, in the case of a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, for example, they can also fill volume in the nose in order to produce a more pleasing shape. The point is that in most cases, these results are visible instantaneously. It’s true that some procedures, such as the body sculpting procedure CoolSculpting, can take a few months in order to manifest the final results. But this is the exception with cosmetic procedures, not the rule. Indeed, most cosmetic procedures offer immediate results, including nonsurgical rhinoplasty. To be sure, the results generally won’t be as permanent as surgical results—but, then, that’s one of the strengths of nonsurgical procedures as well.

A Temporary Change From Non Surgical Procedures

Indeed, the ability to make a temporary change is one of the strengths of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, because the results are reversible—well, I should clarify. If you use a hyaluronic acid-based filler, that filler can be removed if you don’t like the results, but that feature is unique to that type of filler. Rather, what I mean is that if you don’t like the results, you really just have to wait a bit. The length of results will vary depending on the filler you choose, but you can generally rest assured that your results will only last between six months and eighteen months (assuming you don’t opt for some more permanent fillers).

These procedures also simply don’t take very long to accomplish. A nonsurgical cosmetic procedure could have you in and out of the clinic over a lunch break. Compare that to the weeks of preparation for a surgical procedure—most of which take several hours to complete. Additionally, nonsurgical procedures generally involve little downtime. You might experience some bruising or redness for a day or so afterwards, but that’s a minor quibble compared to the weeks-long downtime associated with major aesthetic plastic surgery.

It’s All up to the Patients

None of this is to say that cosmetic procedures are better than aesthetic plastic surgery. Frankly, it’s not a competition (although practices do certainly compete). Rather, each area of practice appeals to patients for different reasons. Ultimately, cosmetic surgery offers some things that plastic surgery cannot and vice versa. For example, there’s no comparison between a nonsurgical breast augmentation, which only lasts a couple of days, and surgical breast augmentation, which can last for decades. The simple fact of the matter is that if you want basically permanent results for most procedures, surgery is your best option.

However, if you’re okay with temporary results, or the need to maintain those results through regular injections, cosmetic procedures definitely have something to offer. In the end, it’s up to the patient, the patient’s limits, and the patient’s desires—those three things will determine whether or not cosmetic procedures will be a good fit. It’s safe to say, however, that they are indeed a good fit for a significant portion of the population, hence the recent trending rise in cosmetic surgery procedures.

One thing’s for sure: cosmetic surgery isn’t going anywhere but up.

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