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Cosmetic surgery continues to be a growing trend as we see the rise of social influencers and reality stars drifting towards procedures to make them look more ‘glamorous’. Considering the cost of the treatments, however, there is a large temptation to go for cheaper plastic surgeons  instead and the majority of the cheaper procedures can be found abroad. The issue with this is that it can be extremely risky and you should be aware of the dangers with plastic surgery abroad. Here are 5 dangers you should know about before considering plastic surgery tourism.

1. There are serious risks to cosmetic surgery

As you’re probably aware, cosmetic surgery does involve some intense work which means there are real risks associated with the procedures. If during or after your procedure some complications arise, it may be more difficult to get the correct aftercare or resolution. You have to consider that you’d need to travel back to the country to receive information about the aftercare and depending on the complication that you have, you may not get the right advice.

2. Vacations can be short lived

Although you’d be travelling for a ‘vacation’ for your surgery, it’s strongly advised that physical activity is kept to a minimum shortly after your procedure. Resting helps to quicken the recovery process and prevents further complications from happening. Getting involved with vacation related activities can increase the risk of uncomfort and cause further stress.

3. Travel and surgery doesn’t go hand in hand

Popular regions that patients tend to go to for surgery include America and East Asia. These can be long-haul flights which can be rather stressful physically and mentally. You’ll need to travel back after the surgery but considering your surgery is likely to be extremely raw, you have a high risk of developing blood clots and pulmonary embolism.

4. Legal cover may not apply abroad

It’s worth looking up the policies included in your insurance before getting surgery. For some countries, patients aren’t legally covered to protect against physicians and surgeons who conduct the surgery. If something goes wrong, there’s a chance you may not be covered for compensation.

5. Surgeons aren’t completely qualified

What’s considered a qualified surgeon in one country, may not be the same in other countries. This means that the expertise of some surgeons won’t be as good as what you may find back home. This can put you at higher risk that the surgery goes wrong when in reality, the extra pounds that you’d spend for getting the procedure done back home would be worth the expense. Particularly if it means you’re at less risk.

Everyone loves to save a penny or two, or potentially hundreds in the case of plastic surgery. However, considering the risks that are involved with plastic surgery, it’s worth asking yourself whether the expense is worth making sure you get a proper cosmetic surgery Manchester-based procedure.

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