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Summary: Some of those Kate Upton plastic surgery rumors are starting to get out of control. There’s speculation that Upton may have had dermal filler injections designed to augment the shape of her chin. Such procedures do exist, but I’m not entirely certainly there’s a significant amount of evidence to support these particular rumors.

We’re Debunking Those Kate Upton Plastic Surgery Rumors

Thanks, in part, to the World Series, there have been a few Kate Upton plastic surgery rumors swirling around. Upton, a famous actress and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, has been in the spotlight cheering her fiancé, Astros pitcher Justin Verlander.

Apparently, on television, she looked slightly different from what people had been expecting. Thus, plastic surgery rumors were born. These rumors focused on supposed chin augmentation and dermal filler injections.

To be sure, these are real procedures. But it’s entirely possible that the subtle changes in Upton’s look were produced by weight loss (or heck, even makeup would do the trick). The truth is that there are just so many other possible explanations that we have no choice but to debunk those Kate Upton plastic surgery rumors. They seem totally false to us.

Plastic Surgery vs. Cosmetic Surgery

First, it might be important to articulate the distinction between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. These terms are often used interchangeably—especially in gossip columns. In this case, the claim was that Kate Upton might have gotten filler injections, so she got “plastic surgery.”

But according to most experts, even if that were true, it wouldn’t count as plastic surgery. Generally, you can break up these procedures as follows:

  • Plastic surgery: These are procedures that involve a scalpel. Usually, this means that actual surgery has taken place and a recovery period is necessary. Usually, plastic surgery also generates more significant (and noticeable) changes.
  • Cosmetic surgery: This terms usually refers to non-surgical procedures: injectables, laser treatments, and other procedures such as CoolSculpting. These are treatments that, generally, do not require a scalpel.

In some cases, plastic surgery can be referred to as cosmetic surgery. But cosmetic surgery should never be used as a substitute for plastic surgery. I know that probably sounds confusing—but it just takes a bit of time to get used to. So, a plastic surgeon can perform Botox and Tummy Tucks. But a cosmetic surgeon can only do the Botox.

What Does This Have to Do With Kate Upton?

This definition of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, ultimately, doesn’t have a whole lot to do with Kate Upton’s plastic surgery rumors. But it does help explain how rumors like these get started. Essentially, the only way these rumors make sense is if you’re starting from a place of ignorance.

Let’s take Upton for example. She makes a small change to her face. Maybe it’s a bit of weight loss. Maybe it’s make-up. Maybe it’s just that she looks slightly different through a video lens than she does through a still photo lens (those lenses make a huge difference, for what it’s worth).

In any case, this subtle change could also in theory be attributed to a cosmetic procedure, such as an injection of a filler. Once that subtlety is there, it’s enough for anyone to make a claim—and since they might not know the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery, the claim becomes “Kate Upton got plastic surgery.”

She’s Not the Only Celebrity

Of course, Upton is only the latest in a long, long line of celebrities who may or may not have undergone plastic surgery (in Upton’s case, she almost certainly did not). And yet, these stories still completely capture our imagination. The reasoning for that is pretty simple:

  • It’s often difficult to confirm or deny plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery by looking at the final results—so there’s a mystique at play that makes for a good narrative
  • To a certain degree, we look up to celebrities. We want to be like them. And we want to look like them. So if we know how they accomplished their looks, it opens the door up to us, too.
  • There’s also a certain degree of malice in some of these rumors, though I don’t entirely think it’s intentional. It’s more of a “nobody can look that good naturally” kind of mindset. And while it might be true, it might also lead to some unfounded plastic surgery rumors.

Using Rumors for Good

In any case, we try to use those rumors for good around here. Hopefully you learned two things today: First, there’s a difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery. Second, Kate Upton did not get plastic surgery. That’s right, we’re officially debunking those Kate Upton plastic surgery rumors.

This is not to say that there would be anything wrong with Upton had indeed decided to go under the knife. Obviously, we’re pretty supportive of those types of decisions. But there’s also nothing wrong with keeping those decisions private! Not just for Upton, but for you too.

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