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Summary: Cosmetic surgery gets a bad rap in the media for being superficial, dangerous, and unnecessary. Patients whose lives have been changed thanks to cosmetic alterations have a right to live without the ridicule, though, and the up side of plastic surgery needs to be known.

Let Us Be

It seems like everyone under the sun has an opinion of cosmetic surgery. Many believe that it is purely superficial and sends a bad message to children. This negativity can be detrimental to youth who are seeking out a cosmetic procedure to combat bullying, however, and the stigma that it’s all just about big boobs and skinny stomachs is arguably far worse for society than the procedures themselves. If you are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure but are bogged down by all the naysayers, read on.

Spare the Explanations

People, especially women, who undergo a cosmetic procedure often times find that they are asked to defend their choice to others. This is ridiculous, and is in itself a form of harassment. Many, many women undergo plastic surgery in order to boost their self-esteem and take their self-image to a level they never imagined was possible. By questioning these women, we are contributing to the exact negativity that led them to their surgeon’s office in the first place. Taking control of your own destiny by undergoing a procedure that could correct a flaw or enhance a feature is every person’s right and if you choose to undergo a cosmetic surgery you shouldn’t need to explain your decision to anyone.

A Whole Different Perspective

Not all plastic surgery is done for “cosmetic” reasons. What in the past has been seen as a very “superficial” practice is changing people’s lives and giving them a new lease on life. Before you or someone you know passes judgment on the following procedures, think about this:

  • Many breast augmentation procedures are done on women who have recently undergone treatment for breast cancer. Breast reconstruction can restore a woman’s body back to the way it was before a mastectomy.
  • Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, can fix a deviated septum- making breathing and sleeping easier for people who have suffered from complications in the past.
  • Tummy tucks give a new lease on life to those who have recently undergone a dramatic weight loss. For someone who has lost 100’s of pounds and is left with extra skin, a tummy tuck can reward that person with the body that they have rightfully earned.
  • Botox has recently been approved for several alternative uses.  Treating chronic migraines, helping people overcome excess sweating, and reversing the negative effects of overactive bladder syndrome are just a few of the ways this injectable is helping those with medical needs.

Why The Negativity?

If you are thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery, you need to keep your own thoughts and beliefs as your number one priority. Critics will always be out there saying that plastic surgery is bad, but you cannot let them stop you from making a change that will alter your life forever. Spread the word about the positive effects of cosmetic surgery, and if someone you know is undergoing a procedure, don’t judge or ridicule them. The world is hard enough as it is, let’s keep the peace and remember that plastic surgery is here to help.

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