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Summary: More and more people are being influenced by the internet, and when it comes to cosmetic surgery the trends seem to be following suit!


Your Look is Everywhere

Social Media and the internet are influencing cosmetic surgery like never before. With Facebook, Instagram and other sites practically begging for us to post images of ourselves, if you are unhappy with your appearance you really don’t have anywhere to hide. The internet is also influencing the way we research cosmetic surgery, with approximately 57% of people finding their surgery information online. What does this mean for us, and for the future of cosmetic surgery? Apparently digital is the way to go!

Facelift, Facebook

Since Social Media sites have gained popularity, there seems to be more and more people undergoing cosmetic surgery. The trends speak for themselves: Detroit cosmetic surgeons have seen an almost 31% increase in requests for surgery as a result of the trend of photo sharing. What do they think is causing this explosion? A closer examination of how we- and our friends- actually look! Filters can only hide so much… if you’re experiencing fine lines and wrinkles they are sure to stand out on on your Facebook page. If you have noticed recently that your pictures aren’t showing the face or body you want to present to the world, cosmetic surgery may be an option.

Ditch the Editing

There are a bunch of fantastic ways you can change up your look, both non-
surgical and surgical. Stop wasting your time finding the perfect Instagram filter to cover your blemishes and age spots, and try the following:

  • Eyelid lifts (like the ones at Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa) give you an “awake” and rejuvenated look in all your pictures
  • Fillers like Botox will give you a smooth, youthful appearance that will make you proud to show off your face online.
  • Acne treatments will assure that when your middle school friends find you online, they wont be seeing a middle school face.

Digital Get Down

We live in a digital era. Whether the internet is influencing you to try cosmetic surgery, or helping you find the information needed to make the right decisions for your transformation, there is no doubt that the world wide web is making us think twice about our appearance! Remember to stick to the official pages for board certified cosmetic surgeons to get quality information! Next time you go to update your profile, you may have even more to brag about!

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