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Summary: Did Megan Barton Hanson get a breast augmentation procedure? The star of the Love Island television show recently gave an interview in which she discusses her plastic surgery history. And, it turns out she is no stranger to plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. But what procedures, precisely, has she undergone? And why should we spend our time talking about this particular patient’s journey? Turns out, there’s a lot Hanson can teach us.

Did Megan Barton Hanson Get a Breast Augmentation or Other Plastic Surgery?

If you’ve been following her career, you might suddenly be asking yourself: did Megan Barton Hanson get a breast augmentation or other plastic surgery procedure? The Love Island star has certainly shown off some changes recently and in a hot-off-the-presses interview with Cosmopolitan UK has admitted to some procedures in the past.

According to Hanson herself, the reality show star has undergone two breast augmentation procedures, a nose job, and lip augmentation. That might seem like quite the list of the procedures, but Hanson herself is unapologetic about it; and there’s something in that which might teach us a lesson.

Indeed, when we talk about celebrity plastic surgery on this blog, we usually try to do so in a way that helps our readers understand something new about the field of plastic surgery. And there are two issues that Hanson points to that we feel are certainly worth exploring. The first issue has to do with diminishing plastic surgery stigma. And the second topic has to do with who might get plastic surgery in the first place. Did Megan Barton Hanson get a breast augmentation just to teach us this? No, of course not–and that’s kind of the point.

Who Would Get Plastic Surgery?

Let’s talk first about the topic of who might get plastic surgery in the first place. Megan Barton Hanson is, by all accounts, gorgeous–she’s certainly a successful model and was before her appearance on Love Island (for those who don’t know, Love Island is essentially a UK version of the U.S. The Bachelor television series).

At any rate, Hanson’s transformation (and her decision to undergo plastic surgery in the first place), belies the typical narrative of plastic surgery patient. But it does fit in with the reality. Most patients who undergo a plastic surgery procedure:

  • Are relatively confident in the way they look overall
  • Want to address one or two so-called “problem areas” in order to eliminate certain issues that cause anxiety or self-conscious feelings
  • Have a pretty clear and determined mindset in terms of undergoing a procedure (in other words, many plastic surgery patients know what they want).

The typical image we see of plastic surgery patients, as depicted on television and in other media, is a person who is terribly unconfident and perhaps even a little shallow–seeking out plastic surgery because he or she is vain more than anything else. But that’s certainly not the case in reality, as Hanson herself proves.

Modern plastic surgery patients span a wide variety of types (and confidence levels).

Combatting Plastic Surgery Stigma

We can also use Megan Barton Hanson’s plastic surgery transformation to do the same thing she’s doing: combat the stigma around plastic surgery. Because even though that stigma has diminished over the years, it’s still quite present. There are still far too many people who look at plastic surgery as something shallow, vain, and worthy of derision. That’s what Hanson is trying to change.

And, she knows, one of the best ways to do that is by being transparent:

  • Hanson has herself been open and honest about the procedures she’s undergone
  • She has also been open and honest about the fact that, while she’s happy with her body in the present, she has also not discounted the possibility of plastic surgery in the future
  • Hanson has also been transparent about her motivations for plastic surgery, and how she feels now that those procedures are complete

As Hanson herself argues in her interview, there’s nothing wrong with people doing what it takes to feel comfortable in their own bodies–and that’s really what she’s trying to accomplish with her plastic surgery.

Feeling Like Yourself

To a certain extent, Megan Barton Hason is doing the same thing that all other plastic surgery patients are doing: she’s trying to ensure what she looks like on the outside matches who she feels she is on the inside. In other words, she’s trying to make sure her body reflects her real self.

So did Megan Barton Hanson get a breast augmentation? Sure. In fact, the Love Island star made clear she’s actually undergone two breast augmentation procedures (the second one to enhance her results with a better surgeon). And she also made clear she would not be opposed to a third breast enhancement procedure.

For Hanson, the key is that she’s doing all this to feel comfortable in her own body. And, really, that’s the same goal that every other plastic surgery patient has.

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