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Summary: There are many reasons a woman might consider breast reconstruction surgery. Understanding the different advanced techniques for breast reconstruction will help you to have a more satisfying surgical experience, and therefore, a more satisfying final result.

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Breast reconstruction can be a very sensitive topic. Luckily, the experts at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery offer the most advanced techniques of the day that can help restore you to a balanced, healthy new you. If you have recently had a mastectomy and are looking to undergo a reconstructive procedure, understanding your options will give you the best tools you need for success.

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East Coast breast reconstruction experts Dr. Cerio and Dr. Loghmanee offer 2 innovative reconstruction techniques at their New Jersey practices. The DIEP Flap and TRAM Flap procedures can both be used to reconstruct the damaged area of the breast (which is typically a result of breast cancer surgery). If you fit the following bill, you may be a good candidate for either version of breast reconstruction surgery:

  • You are in relatively good physical condition and can withstand major surgery
  • You have undergone, or are planning to undergo, a mastectomy / surgery for breast cancer
  • You are bothered by a breast abnormality, a defect, or asymmetry
  • You have breasts that are damaged or missing due to a birth defect, injury, radiation, mastectomy, or lumpectomy


The TRAM flap procedure (Transverse Rectus Abdominus Myocutaneous) offers a modern approach to breast reconstruction. There are two types of TRAM flap procedures, both of which use skin and fatty tissue from the abdominal region to create a natural looking breast. A pedicled TRAM flap procedure will take the fatty issue and skin and move it by tunneling its way to the chest area. In this version of the procedure, the blood supply to the tissue is left intact and fully attached to the body. By contrast, in a free TRAM flap procedure, tissue is completely detached from the body and moved to the breast area where it is reconnected using microsurgery.


The DIEP flap procedure (Deep Inferior Epigastric artery Perforator Flap) is one of the most sophisticated breast reconstruction procedures today. The procedure starts with the same lower abdominal incision as a TRAM flap procedure or an abdominoplasty, and uses the skin and fat from the area between the umbilicus and pubic hair to recreate a natural appearing breast. In this respect, the two approaches are very similar. However, unlike the traditional TRAM abdominal flap, the abdominal muscles are left fully intact during a DIEP flap, preserving one’s normal abdominal anatomy and reducing the occurrence of abdominal wall hernias and weakness. Many appreciate this approach as being less invasive than other methods.

You Are Not Alone

Your one-on-one consultation with a breast reconstruction expert will help you determine which approach is best for you, and that approach will be based on your desired outcome. You will never be asked to make a decision like this on your own without the help of a board certified plastic surgeon. Plastic Surgery Articles wishes you all the best in your breast reconstruction journey.

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